There seems to have been another scuffle between Ahmadiyya and the people of Pakistan.  The twitter hashtah #FaisalabadMosqueAttack has been used in regards to this situation.  However, there is no clear data on the incident.  As we know, Ahmadiyya sources always lie, further, some Pakistani news channels aren’t always trust worthy.  In contrast, in the USA, Fox news shouldn’t be trusted and neither should CNN.  Fake news has been a big problem in society since the dawn of freedom of press.  It should also be noted that Ahmadiyya has been publishing fake news since 1889.  During the Chakwal mosque incident, Ahmadi sources purposely failed to mention that Ahmadi murdered a Muslim in the incident.  In terms of the Sialkot Mosque incident, Ahmadi sources purposely failed to mention that Ahmadiyya failed to tear down their minarets per law.  In fact, Ahmadiyya owns over 100+ mosques in Pakistan wherein the minarets are in violation of Federal law.

The story so far from Ahmadi sources only

“”””Over a minor dispute between 2 persons that was manipulated by mullahs & miscreants an armed mob attacked Ahmadiyya Baitulzikr in Chak 69 RB (Ghaseetpura) district Faisalabad. 6 Ahmadis got injured in the attack. Situation is relatively under control but tense.””

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