Ahmadi’s are quitting Ahmadiyya on a daily basis.  This is nothing new, however, most of the time, they get no press.  Shaikh Saleemuddin Saif head of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Lodhran Punjab, sent curses to Ahmadiyya and came to the fold of Islam at the hands of Irfan Mehmood Burq an ex-ahmadi.  Saleemuddin is 80 years old  was a very important personality of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. He remained head of Ansarullah and Khuddamul Ahmadiyya for long time after getting retirement from Pakistan Air Force where he was a Chief Warrant Officer. Local Journalist Hafiz Umar Molana Hafiz ur Rehman, Dr. Talat Bari introduced Saleemuddin to Irfan Mehmood Burq who held lengthy sessions of debate and proved to him the lies of Mirza Qadiani from his own books Rohani Khazain . Finally Sheikh Saleemuddin has reverted to Islam in presence of 11 witnesses. However his wife one daughter and 2 sons are still Ahmadi’s.  He has shown his determination to get his family out of Qadiani cult soon.

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