The Ahmadiyya movement is full of sneaky business tricks.  They cry persecution as a global strategy wherein they can move their fanatical Pakistani followers to Europe and North America.  We all know how they have faked persecution over the past 50+ years.  Ahmadiyya has a bipartisan (democrat and republican) caucus in Washington D.C., this caucus is a platform for Ahmadiyya tabligh aka marketing.  The Ahmadiyya Khalifa wants to send Ahmadiyya missionaries to China to convert the heavily persecuted #uyghur Muslims, who are 99% Sunni and not Ahmadi.  In fact, if they are approached, they will also consider Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims, since Ahmadi’s see MGA as a prophet.  For many years, Ahmadi’s have always targeted heavy under-educated Muslim areas and then sent their missionaries to get converts.  However, the issue is that Ahmadiyya is banned in China.  Thus, Ahmadi leaders are looking for any way to get converts to Ahmadiyya under the guise that Ahmadiyya is a peaceful and progressive organization, which it is not.

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