In February or March 1900, the Rt. Rev. G. A. Lefroy, the Bishop of Lahore, preached to the student community of Lahore at the Foreman Christian College. A report was published in the press. Sat Dharam Parcharak of Jullundur passed some adverse remarks on the speech. On May 18th, 1900, the Bishop addressed a public gathering at Lahore and his subject was ‘The Innocent Prophet’. After the lecture Muslims were asked if they liked to say anything on the subject or raise any objection. The Bishop had said that Jesusas was the only innocent Prophet that had ever appeared. In response to the Bishop’s invitation Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra explained the Islamic point of view. He drew the attention of the people to the saying of Jesusas himself on the point. ‘Why callest thou me good? There is none good
but one, that is, God.’ (Matth. 19:17) On the other hand, he said, the Holy Foundersa of
Islam was really an innocent personage. In fact, all the Prophetsas of God were innocent and sinless (see Life of Ahmad by dard).

The PDF of “Pioneer” newspaper of Saturday, June 16th, 1900 and June 30th, 1900
Religious Challange The Poineer Allahabad June 1900

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