Dear readers, Chapter 15 was revealed early on during the Meccan period (see Muir).  Verse 14 (15:15 in the Ahmadiyya Quranic numbering system), Allah tells Muslims that he could open up a portal from heaven to Earth.  The verse is literally as such: “”””And even if We opened to them a gate to the heavens and they were to continue ascending through it (all day long)”””, (See Tafsir Ibn Kathir).  This verse proves that Allah is capable of opening a portal from heaven to Earth.  Allah even asserts that humans could continue travelling from Earth to heaven if Allah wished.

MGA was silent on 15:14
MGA never wrote about this verse.

Muhammad Ali’s Quran in 1917
Muhammad Ali didn’t even try to write commentary on this verse, he left the commentary totally blank.

Malik Ghulam Fareed and the official 5-volume commentary on the Quran
Malik Ghulam Farid explained this away as some type of metaphor.

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