Khawaja Abdul Hameed Butt was born in around 1910 in Qadian. His father Molvi Imamuddin belonged to a Kashmiri family settled in Qadian. He was a Sunni Muslim. Khwaja Abdul Hameed Butt studied in (TI) Taleemul Islam School Qadian. He has penned down the contemporary events and conditions prevalent in Qadian. There seems to be a book that he wrote wherein he wrote his memories of Rabwah and Qadian. In the below we have provided summaries of our research work. Read about Professor Aslam and what he saw at Qadian in the 1970’s herein.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________PREACHING OF QADIANISM IN TI SCHOOL

I got My primary education at TI School Qadian where students, irrespective of their religion were taught Qadiani religious literature by force. In Islamiat subject, some of the class exercises and questions were as under:-

-Write down 5 arguments on truthfulness of promised Massiah.
-Prove continuance of prophethood by 10 Quraanic verses.
-Write down 20 verses proving death of Jesus Christ.
-Describe progress of Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

Despite this sort of educational stuff that I received, I, passed out from TI school without causing damage to my islamic belief Alhamdulillah. I passed my graduation from Punjab University in 1931. Thereafter. I studied Qadiani literature and met many Qadiani elders like Mirza Mahmoud Ahmad, Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA, Mirza Sharif Ahmed, Molvi Sarwar Shah, Fateh Muhammad Sial, Syed Waliullah Shah, Farzand Ali Ansari, Mufti, Muhammad Sadiq, Shaikh Abdul Rehman Masri, Molvi Allah Ditta Ansari, Mirza Nasir Ahmad,Molvi Zafar Muhammad, Molvi Jalaaluddin Shams.etc

Qadian was a small and ordinary town in the east of Batala. It became a notorious town after Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed to be a prophet, Promised Messiah or Mahdi. Qadian was linked to the other parts of Country via Railways in 1929. Prior to this, Residents of Qadian used to travel between Batala and Qadian on tongas, or on foot. Qadian had the status of “Small Town Committee” having its President and Secretary from Qadiani community. Its total population was determined at 7000 in the Sensus of 1941. As per Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 only a town of population above 10000 was to acquire the status of Municipality. Qadian was divided into 6 wards for which it had 5 members from Qadiani Jamaat, one member from Hindu community through election while a Sikh member through nomination. Although Muslims were in 2500 numbers and whole wards 4 and 6 were of muslims population, yet Qadianis through their approach in govt, and because of their political manoeuvring and conspiracies do not allow them to be elected as member of Town Committee.

Out of 10 to 12 Qadiani mosques, Masjid Aqsa and Mubarak were of great importance for Qadianis. Masjid Aqsa was previously known as Bari Masjid (grand mosque) it was built with the help of Kashmiri and Arain Muslims before the claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Hindus of the area were opposing its construction when Baton armed Kashmiri and Arain Muslims stood on guard to make its construction possible. However, after MGAQ, taking control, Qadianis occupy it and changed its name from Bari Masjid to Aqsa owing to his claims of Messiah. MGA claimed that holy prophet Pbuh had come to this Mosque on the night He pbuh proceded on his Meraj journey. They also constructed a Minaret known as Minaratul masih, in it but it was completed long after the death of their Messiah. To us it looked strange as to how the Minarat near which Messiah was to descend, was constructed after his death.

At a distance of 20 yards from Masjid Aqsa, there lies a Hindu MandIr and a well in the Chowk. A big idol was installed in the Mandir. The outer walls of Mandir had many deity images. Pandit Labhoo Ram was Chief Mahint of this Mandir. With first ray of Sun at morning, he used to give bath to idols and play his Shankh (Conch) day and night. Another hindu temple in Qadian, was at the end of bazar in Adda Khana where idol worshipping was done and Shankh (Conch) was played day and night. This idol worshipping and Shankh playing was in utter negation of the claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. In other word his messiah ship could not even purge a small town of Qadian, of idol worship.

The house of Pandit Kunj Lal Brahmchari Sharmanand, claimant of Rab e Qadian, was near the Khilafat palace. He used to hold his MELA (fare) every year and attacks on MGA. Qadianis call him filth of Qadian whereas he call MGA as “PONDRU”, a hindu god who burn lanka with his tale. He claims himself to be god of Qadian and krishna. He blamed that Mirza created hate among hindu and muslims. A police case was registered against him on the behest of Qadianis. He took the view before the court that MGA says hindu god permishwar is located ten finger down the navel. If he can name our god as reproduction instrument, then i have the right to name ghulam ahmad as podnru. He further requested court to summon Mirza Bashiruddin to explain how our god is ten finger down the navel. The Judge, then dismissed the case.

There was a Gurdwara of Sikhs near Masjid Mubarak adjacent to Khilafat palace in Qadian. House of Dr. Gurbakhsh was also near to it. At evening Sikhs got together for “akhand path (combined prayer) and they recite their verses from their book on the beat of drum and harmonium. Another Gurdwara of Ram garhya Sikh was near the hindu temple at the end of Bazar where sikhs and hindu jalsas were held.

There were many bungalows of Qadiani elders in Mohallah Darul Anwar. When these Qadianis made their bungalows, the Sikh set up their gurdwara at a Bohar Tree where they hold their annual Mela. They held a mela in 1935-36 known as Borhi Mela. Sardar Kharak Singh, a famous Sikh leader was called to bring out his procession on elephant. Qadianis opposed it and lodged a complaints with Deputy Commissioner who imposed section 144 and ordered if kharak Singh comes with procession he may not be allowed to enter. But kharak Singh paid no heed and turned a deaf ear to it, took out his procession by saying it is a thorough fare and not a state territory. Thereafter they held their jalsa every year regularly.

(Rabwah aur Qadian jo hum ne dekha by Mateen Khalid)


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