We have found a book by Muhammad Tahir Abdul Razzaq, which is an autobiography of Syed Abdul Majeed Amjad Bukhari, it is entitled, “Hum Nay Kadian Mein Kia Dekha” (What We Saw In Qadian). The book has been published by Alami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Hazuri Bagh Road Multan.

We have posted a detailed summary and scans in the below. He seems to have been a student at Qadian and knew the inner working of the Mirza and Noorudin family. 
______________________________________________________________________________________________WHAT I SAW IN QADIAN ME AND QADIAN

Syed Abdul Majeed Amjad Bukhari was born roughly around 1890. HIs family resided at Batala, 17 KM west of Qadian. His TAYA (paternal uncle), having cordial relations with MGAQ, took him to Qadiyan during his Childhood to attend AQIQA ceremony of one of the sons of MGAQ,

He remained posted in Qadian, as Sub Post Master, twice, first during the khilafat of Molvi Nuruddin and then in the reign of Mirza Mahmoud. He recorded his memories which were published in different magazines. It is also a part of book titled as “hum ne qadian mein kia dekha”, what we saw in Qadian, by Muhammad Tahir Abdul Razzaq.

His memoirs are very interesting and contain some new facts which we haven’t read before in either of the Qadiani or in muslims literature so far. I therefore, wish to share this in a summarised form as below:-


In December, 1910, I, joined my services as Sub Post Master, Qadian. This was the time when Molvi Nuruddin was on bed after having fallen from horse. Dr Muhammad Hussain, Dr. Yaqub Baig and Khwaja Kamaluddin were all around to look after him. One day I went to him to enquire of his health. He was sitting on a charpoy with Mirza Mahmoud. He gave a warm welcome to me and asked if he can do something for me by way of courtesy.


Molvi Nuruddin re-started his Dars e Quraan after his health got improved. One of my friends took me to his DARS. Explaining the verses regarding Hazrat Zakaria a.s getting a son in old age, he said he himself was without a male child during his whole youth time. But he was blessed with two sons in his old age after he accepted Mirza sb as a prophet. He termed it to be a miracle of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. The audience was overwhelmingly pleased to listen to this. I said to my friend Molvi sb is not right here, because Quraan clearly mentions the wife of Zakariyya a.s to be in old age and suffering from infertility but wife of Molvi sb is so young. This comparison could have been correct If wife of Molvi Nuruddin was old and infertile and still she gave birth to a child, in that case one could believe it to be a miracle of Mirza.


I, went to attend Juma Prayer in a muslim Masjid in Qadian, known as masjid Araian where I met an old man who was munshi in Revenue department. This was Mirza Sultan Ahmad the eldest son of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani from his first wife, who did not believe in the claims of Mirza sb. This Masjid has only four worshippers and subsequently, this number increased gradually with our efforts.


Mir Nasir Nawab who was popularly known as NANA JAN was an interesting character. He used to come to the post office to receive Chanda money orders. These donations were pouring in from all over the country in those days, for his project of Darul Zuafa.

The building of Post Office, Qadian was owned by his daughter, Nusrat Jehan, the second wife of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. She used to receive the rent of the building under her signature every month. Some time I would call Mir Nasir Nawab as the land lord of the post office, in a light mood. Once Mir Nasir Nawab recited a couplet from Persian poetry meaning :
“Be a pig, a donkey or a dead dog.
But you must have wealth.”

This showed his greed of wealth mindset. One day I said to him jokingly Nana Jan why do you want to build Poor home when you are having too much of chanda, rather you must build Nasirabad or Nasir Ganj and this is my prediction for you that soon you would lay the foundation of this colony which will be in your ownership. It was so happened subsequently.


Master Muhammad Yusuf Editor Magazine Noor became my best friend. We spend much time with each other. His wife, who was adopted daughter of Molvi Nuruddin, also became a good friend of my wife. Molvi sb used to hold his Dars e Quraan for women. After Dars, molvi sb would lie on a charpoy and the women amongst audience would massage his legs. During massage, these women start complaining of their husbands. Molvi sb would call such husbands to warn them of their behaviour with wives. On a similar complaint by the wife of Master Yusuf, Molvi Sb called Master Yusuf and admonished him of his behaviour with his wife, an adopted daughter of him. Molvi Sahib said to Master Yusuf, listen I gave you my daughter but you are not treating her well. Master Yousuf, however, took no impression of this advice of Nuruddin and replied that it is a matter between husband and wife and he may not interfere in it. Women mostly speak lie before you. He said If you love her like a daughter then why did you not give her the dowery as much as you had given to your real daughter. He said we believed Masih Maoud to be man of god but you have been chosen a khalifa by us. So after that molvi sb did not say anything to him in this regard which helped improve his relationship with wife.


When his wife was about to die, my wife was near to her. When she was in pain and feeling very much restlessness, suddenly there appeared Nusrat Jehan the wife of MGAQ and she said in a rude manner, why are you behaving like this, you are not going to die so soon. This remark of Nusrat Jehan was felt very awkward as she died after a while.


Month of Ramzan was not respected by Mirza family. Mirza Mahmoud and his mother would suddenly feel unwell at the start of Ramzan sometimes due to sneezing or sour eyes. Nana Jan would plan his journey to other cities on chanda collection campaign at the start of the holy month to avoid fasting. The sickness of Mirza family in the holy month, would bring good meals for Molvi Muhammad Arif Imam Masjid Aqsa and increase in Ice business of Dharat Ram, a hindu Ice vender.


Molvi Muhammad Ali, once a professor of mathematics has turned to a molvi in Qadian. He was editor of ROR. He started writing english translation of holy Quraan. He used to write his translation with the help of dictionaries and with other translations of earlier scholars in his kothi, (villa). In his translation he denied the miracles of prophets frequently. Like he wrote Musa a.s was an engineer and knew where in the river had shallow water, so he crossed the river from there safely. Whereas pharoa did not know this and was drowned along with his army. Muhammad Ali thought he would be next Khalifa after Nuruddin but Mirza Mahmoud succeeded in getting khilafat.


Since I, was posted in Qadian temporarily, i was transferred to Amritsar, after 7 months. However Owing to my previous experience and good reputation, I, was again posted to Qadian in 1916. By the time, Molvi Nurddin had died and Mirza Mahmoud has become Khalifa.

Nana Jan was a far sighted person and had a politician sort of mind. Nana Jan (Mir Nasir Nawab) knew the saying of Mirza Qadiani that Masih e Maoud has descended in a state of putting his hands on the shoulders of two angels, One of them was Molvi Nuruddin and other being Molvi Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi. It was very true as without the help of these two, Mirza sb wouldn’t have been able to do more than an ordinary Mullah.
In order to use him at the time of need, Nana Jan had advanced a huge loan to Molvi Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi on the occasion of marriage ceremony of his son Muhammad Yaqub. Due to this favour Molvi Ahsan Amrohi was under heavy obligation and was highly grateful to him. So when at the death of Molvi Nuruddin, the dispute of khilafat arose, the Lahori party wanted Molana Muhammad Ali to be the new caliph while few others were supporting Mirza Mahmoud.

Nana Jan went to Molvi Ahsan and reminded him of his loan favour and asked for help in getting Mahmoud appointed to the seat. Molvi Ahsan thinking it to be the opportunity of getting his loan waived off permanently, agreed to help him. Next day he brought a green piece of cloth and said to all present, I, congratulate all of you that previous night Mirza sb came to me and gave this turban to me to tie it on the head of Mahmoud as he said Mahmoud would be our successor. This astonished the Lahori party, no body of them dared to oppose it. Molvi Muhammad Ali packed up his baggage, pocketed the remaining amount of Office of Mohasib and returned to Lahore along with his party where he set up his own faction of Lahori ahmadiyya, he then downgraded Mirza sb to the seat of Mujaddid from prophethood. Mahmoud, on the other hand, occupying the seat of khilafat, acquired himself of the title of “his holiness” placed himself behind heavy protocol and imperial pomp and show.


One day I was summoned by Mirza Mahmoud. He said he has heard that you have been posted in Qadian earlier. This surprised me as he had come to me to the post office many time during my first posting here. Then he said, is it possible that we could have the facility of mail delivery twice a day. He also demanded that a telegram facility may also be provided in the post office Qadian.


One day an official of Jamaat beat up my Postman on a petty issue. When I complained, the Jamaat did not entertain it due to lack of witness. Since the incident took place in jamaat,s office and none of them was ready to be witness in favour of poor Postman. They also did not accept my request to be summoned before the court while hearing proceedings.


With my efforts I have been successful in creating awareness among muslims of Qadian and its surroundings and we set up Anjuman Himayat e Islam in Qadian. We fixed a Jalsa in Qadian under the banner of Anjuma and got consents of many Ulema including Molana Sanaullah Amritsari to be the speakers.


When Jamaat heard of this Jalsa and that scholars like Molna Sanaullah Amritsari would address the Public, they got panicked. In order to stop Anjuman Himayatul Islam from holding this Jalsa at Qadian, a delegation of Jamaat was sent to the Deputy Commissioner Gurdaspur. Qadiani delegation told him that their opponents are inviting anti Jamaat Mullahs from outside of Qadian and these outsiders would creat law and order situation there. The Jamaat delegation used all its influence to convince Deputy Commissioner not to allow muslims to hold this Jalsa.


We also sent our members to Deputy Commissioner. Our members told the deputy commissioner that we muslims believe Jesus a.s. is alive at heaven and would descend the earth near end time. But Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Kadiani claimed that Jesus had died and he is the Jesus who was to come at the end times. Deputy Commissioner was shocked to hear this and asked, did Mirza claim himself to be Jesus. So our delegation showed him references from the books of Mirza. The deputy commissioner, then allowed us to hold this Jalsa and deputed a Police Guard. He said if convenient, he would himself attend this jalsa.

Following notables and scholars of Islam reached Qadian to attend this Jalsa. Molana Ahmad Ali from Lahore, Master Pir Bakhsh, Molvi Nawabdin from Dharewal, Molvi Abuturab, Molana Sanaullah Amritsari from Amritsar, Molana Noor Ahmad, Mian Nizamuddin Municipal Commissioner Amritsar Molana Abdul Aziz Gurdaspuri.

Molana Sanaullah Amritsari addressed the Jalsa in his typical style. He said Mirza sb prophesied that he has built earth and heaven. But he could not build small road between Batala and Qadian, may be because of the fact, he knew that his opponent Sanaullah Amritsari would travel on to this road all the way from Amritsar to Qadian, that is why he left this road unbuilt. Molana also described the prophesy regarding marriage with Muhammadi Begum in a manner that few of Qadianis renounced Qadianism on the spot.

Qadianis used every efforts to dislodge this Jalsa. They met the deputy commissioner twice insisting on him not to permit the holding jalsa as it would injure their religious feelings and would creat law and order situation.
They sent their workers to nearby village to misinform the people that the Jalsa has been canceled. They stopped muslim students of TI college Qadian from attending the Jalsa and announced fine of Rupee 1 for violation.

When Molana Sanauullah amritsari started to describe the prophesy of Muhammadi Begum, Qadianis immediately requested duty Magistrate Sir Krishna, to ask him not to speak on this topic as it hurts their feelings. Addressing to Magistrate, Amritsari said Mirza sahib has lodged a claim against us Muslims, so I am presenting my counter claim and no court can deny our right of counter claim.


My only aim and objective behind the holding of Jalsa at Qadiani, was to save muslims from the misleading and covetous tabligh of Jamaat Ahmadiyya. The simple fellow muslims were benefitted a lot from the speeches of great scholars of the time. They enjoyed a lot and the Jalsa turned out to be a success, despite all opposition of Qadianis.


Once Mirza Mahmoud took full control of the Khilafat, Nana Jan wrote a letter to Molvi Ahsan Amrohi to pay back the money he lent to him for the marriage ceremony of his son long time ago. Amrohi denied to pay and said he has paid this loan in terms of his efforts to make your grandson Mirza Mahmoud Khalifa of Jamaat. But Nana Jan did not accept this view and started a defamation campaign against Amrohi. Then Amrohi published several articles in Paigham e Suleh, against Mirza Mahmoud regarding some of his views. Mirza Mahmoud and his Khilafat spoons declared Molvi Ahsan as Murtad and Munafiq.


A Qadiani old man, having seven sons, all of them were muslims, had died. He was a moassi (having signed will for burial in BM) he paid all his monthly instalments of fixed amount during his life. After his death his sons requested Mirza Mahmoud that he has not left sufficient property. If 10% of property is recovered by Jamaat, it would cause loss to family. Therefore, he may be allowed to bury in Bahishti Maqbara without deducting 10% from property. Mirza Mahmoud did not allow it so the dead-body remained unburied for three days and started to de compose. Finally in a state of compulsion the boys paid the amount and got his father buried.


As per official seals and stamps of post office, Qadian was spelt with letter “K”, which meant a plotter or mischievous. Peoples make a mockery of it. Then the Jamaat took up the matter with the postal authorities and succeeded in getting the letter “K” replaced by “Q” on the post office stamps and seals.


During the world war 1, govt introduced cash certificates to take loan from public. All district officers were assigned to sell these certificates in their respective areas. Post Office staff were asked to submit report as to how many peoples bought these cash certificates. In Qadian not a single soul purchased these cash certificates. The Deputy Commissioner Gurdaspur arranged a visit to Qadian. Qadiani Jamaat came to know of this and immediately purchased Cash Certificates worth Rs.5000/- They showed it to DC proudly on his visit to Qadian but few days after his visit these certificates were returned and money in cash was received back.


As per hadith, Masih would descend in Damascus near a Minarat. Mirza interpreted Qadian to be Damascus. However, to resolve the issue of Minaret, Mirza ordered construction of a Minaret near Masjid Aqsa Qadian. A chanda call was given to the followers for the minaret. When the Minaret raised above the houses of nearby hindus, one of them a deputy in a government department, moved an application to the district administration that the construction of minaret would disturb the privacy of their houses. The govt immediately stopped the construction. During the reign of Mirza Mahmoud, Qadianis started skirmishes with neighbouring hindus. They would go up to the rooftop of Masjid Aqsa and peep through the houses of hindus where sometime hindu women were found taking bath in their houses. Qadiani boys would throw Cow bones upon them. Finally the neighbouring hindus started selling their houses to them. Once the area was vacated by hindus, Qadianis resumed construction of Minarat. However, by the time Minarat was ready their so called Masih had died.

Soon after Jalsa, the Jamat lodged a complaint against me with the PMG and requested for my transfer from Qadian.
(Ref.Syed Abdul Majeed Shah Amjad Bukhari Batalvi.
Book “Hum Ne Qadian mein Kia Dekha”
By Abdur Razzaq Tahir.)


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