He was the grandfather of Khwaja Abdul Ghaffar Dar. He was not a born Ahmadi. He was a distant relative of Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti. His conversion to Ahmadiyya was as follows, he was planning to go for Hajj in 1894, however, the plague had broken out and all transportation routes had been closed. He wrote a letter to his friend, Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti and explained his story. Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti was already an Ahmadi, he promptly invited him to Qadian. He seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya in 1894, per his grandson, in his only video interview (at the 14:00 mark). Per his grandson, he had never read the Quran up to this point in his life. He also had a brother, Khwaja Rahman Dar, who converted to Ahmadiyya unknowingly based on a land-grab-deal. Curiously, Haji Umar Dar was not mentioned in the famous list of the first 313 Ahmadi’s in 1896. As a result of his conversion, the entire village of Asnoor converted to Ahmadiyya. Even in 2019, there seems to still be an ahmadiyya school there. There were also Ahmadi’s in a nearby village called Koreal, their names were Muhammad Ibrahim Ju, Hasan Ju, and Ghulam Muhammad Ju. Abdul Hayee Sayyed, the interviewer, is also from this village, as well as his father and grandfather. They all seem to be connected, all these “Ju” brothers (5 of them) seem to have become Ahmadi missionaries. By 2019, there seem to 4 additional villages in the south area of Kashmir that have a significant Ahmadi population (roughly 10,000 per Ahmadiyya sources), Reashinagar village, also spelled Reshnagri, see the google map page herein, Abdur Rahman Itu is the President of this Ahmadiyya village, which is reported as the largest Ahmadiyya village in Kashmir. Another village is Shurat village in Kulgam. Kulgam is a huge city center, Ahmadi’s seem to be located only in the village of Shurat, however, they may have spread around.There lots of young Ahmadi’s who are serving in the police and are teachers for the government of India, much to the consternation of the local Muslim community. There are 5 Ahmadiyya run schools in South Kashmir, mostly in these small villages. Basharat Ahmed Dar, village head of Asnoor is the official Ahmadiyya representative for his village, he seems to be a descendant of Khwaja Abdul Ghaffar Dar. The last two Ahmadi-only villages are Kani pora and Yari pora, both of these villages fall into to the Kulgam district, not much is known of these small and obscure villages. There is also an Ahmadiyya place of worship just north of Rajouri, its called Mosque Dehri Ralyote. This seems to be a new mosque, built in the past 40 years, we are unsure who had it built. There is also an ahmadi place of worship called Masjid Fazl in Poonch, Kashmir, India. We are unsure how many Ahmadi’s are there in the old town area of Poonch. There is also one Ahmadiyya mosque in Srinagar, Kashmir. Next door in Azad Kashmir, there are barely 300-400 Ahmadi’s in the entire country and a few Ahmadiyya mosques. He had met Raja Atta Muhammad Khan (who was the first Ahmadi from Azad-Kashmir, muzzafarabad area).

His children
Son—‘Abdur-Rahman (See Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition).

He had a standing dispute with his younger brother at this time, the younger brother was demanding that the family land be split evenly between the 2 brothers, per Islamic Law, however, Umar Dar refused, and instead wanted to use Kashmiri customs which seem to be against the Quran. Nevertheless, after converting to Ahmadiyya, he seems to have paid off this dispute in a deal. At that point (roughly 1902), Khwaja Rahman Dar also converted to Ahmadiyya. A few years later, the entire village seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya, the last standing Muslim was Umar Wey, who finally converted to Ahmadiyya, although he never knew what Ahmadiyya was.

MGA mentioned him directly in 1907, in his famous book, Haqiqatul Wahy (See page 587 of the online english edition).

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