It seems that Hani Tahir was discussed in the old discussion forums on website in 2008 by one of our really good arab researchers, Fuad. Muhammad al-Shafeae wrote one Arabic book titled “The Jinn, a Fact or a Myth”. This book is just a translation of some of Mirza Mahmoud’s writings about the Jinn. The book shows that its writer, like every Arab Qadiani I know, was totally ignorant about MGAQ’s Arabic Ilhami writings. Muhammad al-Shafeae rejected the existence of the Jinn, while MGAQ confirmed in his writings that proving the existence of Jinn and Angels was one of his main roles!

I don’t recall the story of Muhammad al-Shafeae with Qadianiyyat, however I know the stories of some other Arab Qadiani leaders; one of those was my Palestinian colleague in the Engineering College of Baghdad University during early 90’s. His name is Hani Taher and he is currently one of the main Arab Qadiani leaders; he wrote eight Arabic books to defend Qadianism and since almost 6 years, he appears in MTA Qadiani channel on a daily basis.

During early 90’s, Hani was an extremist Takfeeri activists and joined a Takfeeri group in Palestine called “Jama’at al-Muslimeen”. From the name of this group you can rightly understand that they consider every single person outside their Jamaat to be a non-Muslim. Anyone who doesn’t belong to their Jamaat is a Kafir.

For many years I discussed the thoughts of this funny Takfeeri group with Hani. During one of our discussions in 1995 I proved to Hani that he himself is a Kafir according to his own terms and conditions; Hani totally agreed with my evidence and immediately recited Kalima/Shahadah to embrace Islam again!!

Since he had already considered all Muslims to be Kafirs, it wasn’t difficult for him to join Qadianiyyat late 1998. He told me later that he got sick of the Takfeeri ideas and that he loved the Qadiani ideas about the Jinn, the Naskh and the Miracles. As you may have noticed, all the ideas that he loved about Qadianism had not been accepted by MGAQ at all; for MGAQ believed in Jinn, Naskh and miracles of Musa (as).

One common thing about Qadianis, both Arabs and non-Arabs, is that they don’t read MGAQ’s books, even those books which had been written in their native language. In fact, Mirza Masroor himself confessed during his Khutba of last Friday that Qadianis do not read MGAQ books, and most of those books have not been translated to any other language.
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