Muhammad Zafrullah Khan seems to have written a controversial book in 1972 (published in 1974) entitled “Agony of Pakistan”. This book is not on In this book, he urged the Government to guide its citizens in promoting Islamic way of life, observe Islamic moral standards and provide teachings of the Quran and Islamic studies for Muslims of Pakistan. Back in 1948 and 1949, Zafrullah Khan even supported the famous “objective resolution”.  Zafrullah’s defense of the objective resolution after a Hindu member Bhupendra Kumar Datta criticized it. Zafrullah Khan wasn’t the only Ahmadi to ask for this. The Musleh Maud (2nd Khalifa) said so repeatedly. MGA even asked for laws to punish blasphemers. Ahmadis-the moderate fundamentalists-pioneered the very Islamization of Pakistan they now decry.
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