Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah. Just like his father and grandfather. Watch my tiktok herein. He worked with Mirza Nasir Ahmad and got Ahmadis declared non-Muslim in 1974, however, he wanted more.  He devised a scheme to get Ord-XX passed in April of 1984. He wanted this law passed so that he could move the headquarters of his “family business” to the UK and thus operate globally and unimpeded.  Pakistan was a war-zone in those days, a Soviet invasion was always pending. Mirza Tahir Ahmad thus worked behind the scenes with Zia-ul-Haq, the Dictator of Pakistan in those days to get Ord-XX passed. Mirza Tahir Ahmad then immediately fled the country and lied about his exodus. Specifically, I have caught Mirza Tahir Ahmad lying about many issues. For example, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that there was some “hold-up” at the Airport in Karachi and Zia ul Haq had ordered that the Ahmadi Khalifa, “Mirza Nasir Ahmad” wasnt allowed to leave Pakistan. However, this is a lie, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had left Pakistan twice since becoming Khalifa, once in the late summer of 1982, wherein he toured Europe and made a historic stop in Spain. In 1983, Mirza Tahir Ahmad visited Singapore, Fiji, Australia, and Sri Lanka (See here:, See page 24). This data proves that Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied about the “advisory” that was allegedly issued by Zia. Another important fact is that Mirza Tahir Ahmad was in Islamabad for much of April of 1984 and without explanation. In fact, he was there working the Pakistan government to get this law passed, just so that he could move his headquarters abroad. Mirza Tahir Ahmad then lied and said that some diplomat had given him inside info, that is a load of garbage, in fact, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had first hand information. Further, it was most likely an Ahmadi, who worked at Pakistan International Airlines who got Mirza Tahir Ahmad access to his aircraft on that day and there was most likely no inquiries to the Pakistan Government, since Mirza Tahir Ahmad had never been prohibited from travel abroad. An Ahmadi lawyer, Chaudhry Hameed seems to have admitted to all of this. He also admitted that Zia also came onto the plane and wished Mirza Tahir Ahmad off.

Short Timeline of 1984

March 1st—Mirza Tahir Ahmad was in Rawalpindi and gave a speech, this was a Thursday. As shown by Rawal TV.

April 20th–1984–Mirza Tahir Ahmad gives his final Friday sermon in Pakistan
April 27th, 1984–Mirza Tahir Ahmad doesn’t give his regular Friday Sermon
April 29th, 1984—Mirza Tahir Ahmad leaves Pakistan for London.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The video evidence

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_____________________________________________________________________________________________Video evidence of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in Spain in 1982

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