Nowadays, on social media, you will see Ahmadis totally contradicting the writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, as they continue to solidify their business in the world, the business of the Mirza family that is.

The quote
See Upal, “Moderate Fundamentalist” (2017), page 155.  

“””Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, for instance, claimed to be the first Muslim leader to
initiate a petition (published on 22 September 1895) demanding that the British
Indian government amend Indian Penal Code 298 to make it easier to prosecute
anyone who blasphemes a founder of a major religion.”””

In 1927, in British-India
In 1927, Ahmadis took the lead in agitating against publication of the book Rangila Rasul by Hindu author Raj Pal and demanded that the book be banned. One of the movement’s most prominent members, Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, also spearheaded legal action against
the book. Defense of the honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad has become such
an integral part of the Ahmadiyya identity that Ahmadis have been at the forefront
of demanding blasphemy laws around the world.

See Dard, pages 462-465
This is the additional proof that MGA supported blasphemy laws

In his preface to the Nurul Quran No. 2,
Ahmad says:
‘We are sorry to have to declare that this number of the Nurul Quran has been issued in answer to a man who has, instead of observing decency, used abusive language with regard to our master, the Holy Prophetsa, and on account of his own foul nature he has, through clear fabrication, heaped such slanders upon the Head of the good and the Leader of the pure that a pure-hearted
person shudders to hear them. Hence we have had to retort in defence only to stop such people.

‘We must make it clear to our readers that we cherish the best of beliefs with regard to the Messiah and we are convinced at heart that he was a true and beloved Prophet of God. We believe that he had, for his salvation, truly and sincerely believed in the Holy Prophetsa just as the Quran tells us. Of the hundreds of those who served the law of Mosesas he was also one. So we respect him in every way just as he deserves. But Christians have presented to us a Jesus who claimed to be God and declared that, excepting his own self, all men, the first and the last, were accursed, viz. he looked upon them as guilty of misdeeds punishable with God’s curse. We too regard such a one as deprived of the mercy of God. The Quran has not informed us of such an impertinent and foul mouthed Jesus. We wonder very much at the person who permitted death for God and himself laid claim to divinity and abused such pure people as were a thousand times better than him. So in our discourse we mean everywhere the imaginary Jesus of the Christians; and the humble servant of God, ‘Isa bin Maryamas, who was a Prophet and who is mentioned in the Quran is not at all meant in the harsh addresses. We have adopted this form after continually hearing abuse from Christian missionaries for no less than 40 years.’

Zia’s Ord-XX
A century later Pakistan’s military dictator Zia-ul-Haq amended the very article
to make blasphemy a capital crime in Pakistan. Ironically enough, a number of
Pakistani Ahmadis have been prosecuted under the amended 298 for blaspheming
prophet Muhammad by accepting Ahmad as a prophet after him!