Here is a list of questions I would like to ask an Ahmadi.
The questions
1. What is your official position in the Ahmadiyya Movement? Do you hold any positions? Have you ever?

2. Do Ahmadis need approval to discuss with Sunni’s via livestream? Do you have permission? Damon Stengel’s story?

2.a.  Are Muslims Mushriks for believing that Esa (as) hasn’t died yet via 4:159 and 20+ hadith?

3. What does Khatam mean in 2:7 vs. 33:40. Can he quote MGA?

4. Is MGA the second coming of Muhammad (Saw)(nauzobillah)? Via 62:3? Have you read what the scholars like Ibn Kathir and Suyuti wrote about 62:3? What does ‘Lo na Lo hu’ mean in arabic? Doesn’t it mean “reach it” instead of “bring it back”?

5. Is mga mentioned in 108:1? Surah Kausar?

6. Is 61:6 about mga?

7. Chapter 2:4 of the Quran, does that predict MGA’s revelations? Can anyone become a prophet via achievement? Via 1:6, 4:69.

8. Does 7:35 of the Quran allow for more prophets after MGA?

9. What did MGA mean when he called himself Khatam ul Khulafa? Was MGA the final prophet? Only MGA was called a prophet?

10. Why did MGA claim to be superior to Yusuf (as) and Esa (as)?

11. Why did MGA claim that if the signs shown to him were given to Nuh (as) and his people they would have been saved from drowing?

12. Why do Ahmadis seek to humiliate their opponents?

13. How was mga’s arabic? Did he learn in one night?

14. Why didn’t mga give Friday sermons?

15. Did mga attend juma in his youth?

16. Is the current khalifa a scholar of Islam?

17. Was mga a scholar of Islam?

18. In ba1-2, mga said the words of Allah will never end. Mga didn’t deny prophethood in this era. Why was mga called a kafir? This is before his claim of messiah

19. Did any prophet deny his prophethood for 20 years? Was any human an ummati nabi like MGA and non-independent in the quran? Out of 124,000 prophets? Out of 300+ Rasul’s?

20. Were there 200 million Ahmadi’s in 2004? 40 million from India in 2001? Are Ahmadiyya memberships records and chanda records accurately kept?

21. Was Yuz Asaf the son of a local Indian king? Have you read Ayn ul Hayat?

22. Do Ahmadi’s consider Sunni-Muslims as Muslims? Or non-Ahmadi Muslims? Should there be a religious test in America?

23. Can a Muslim deny any of the prophets of Allah and remain a Muslim?

24. Have you read Mirza bashir Ahmad’s works from 1915–1919? Why did he write that Ahmadis add MGA into the Kalima and all prophets? Via implication. Why did he write that Muslims are Kafirs?

25. Did the Khalifa order Ahmadis to stop doing outward Takfir in 1923?

26. Do All false prophets get killed? Elijah Muhammad? Why does the Quran say that Prophets and Messengers were killed? 69:23? Wasn’t 69:23 only about Muhammad?

27. Why didn’t MGA take opium for his ailments (diabetes)? he didn’t want people to think that the first messiah was a drunk and the second a druggy?

28. Did MGA take money from prostitutes for the propagation of Ahmadiyya?