In Ahmadiyya history, uptil 1937, women rarely paid any type of chanda’s or wasiyyat to the Mirza family. There is one story, wherein Ahmadiyya sources claim that women gave their jewelry in the early 1920’s for the building of the now famous Fazl Mosque, however, this is unconfirmed, it comes from ahmadi-only sources which is immediately dubious. It was in-fact 1937, when the Khalifa decided to formally force women to pay 6.25% of their pocket money, if they ever had any, this is so sick. Remember, up to this point, women didn’t even go the mosque’s in the Muslim world, in Qadian it was the same. 99% of women were in-fact exempt from prayers and other islamic duties, simply because women were busy with the children and caring for them. There wasn’t even a women’s area at Masjid Mubarak or Masjid Aqsa until after 1947. Thus, going to an Ahmadiyya mosque in British-India was a man’s duty in Islam, not a woman’s. Nevertheless, in the below, we have posted the reference wherein the Khalifa added women into the Chanda Aam scheme at 6.25% of their pocket money, since no Ahmadi woman ever had a job before 1937. It should be noted that Tahrik-e-Jadid was started in this same era (1934).The ROR of June-1933 tells the world that Ahmadi’s pay 1/16th of their pay to the Ahmadiyya Movement. It also mentions how some Ahmadi’s pay 1/10 and even 1/3 of their income.

The reference
See “An Introduction to Financial Sacrifice” PUBLISHED BY

Report Majlis-e-Mushawarat. 1937.

On the occasion of Mushawrat 1937, Hadrat Khalifatul Masih II said:

“As from now, Chanda will be received at the full rate not only from men but also from women who have regular incomes, whether it is in the form of pocket money they receive from their husbands or from some other source. Other women will not be bound to pay at the specified rate, but should make sacrifices according to their circumstances and their ability”.

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