Keekee is running wild. Here are some questions.

1. He doesn’t understand why Akber c asked why Keekee removed those videos? Its about Keekee’s tajweed, its not good. Its about Keekee’s arrogance and rudeness. MGA didn’t know arabic and was challenged by Pir Mehr Ali Shah. MGA didn’t show up to Lahore. MGA couldnt say the letters Duad, Ain, Ghain, Qaaf and many others. MGA was not fluent in arabic. MGA didnt learn 40,000 roots in one night. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s dont believe this. My experiences at Rabwah.

2. He says he won a court case in 2020 vs. his brother. That’s a lie. He didn’t win anything. The restraining order was not approved. But what about in 2018? In 2018, keekee did the same, I saw him in public, I tried to say salaam..he screamed police and took me to court and his restraining order wasn’t approved. Did I celebrate? The problem is that Ahmadiyya teaches over competitive behaviors and Ahmadi’s get hurt as a result of this. See the case of Amjad Khan and his teeth.

3. he says he only removed the videos because it hurt me. Not true…I removed my videos about his wife and asked him to remove his videos about me through a cousin. Keekee was also supposed to stop saying my name…which he has reneged on. he is just too competitive and won’t admit to it.

4. Khurram’s tajweed is below average, severely. He was the local president for 9 years via a fraudulent election. What is his position now? Any national positions? regional?

5. Does Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad know about Razi and Keekee and their online behaviors? Have they approved of them?

6. Ahmadi’s are all atheist. Ahmadi’s disrespect Muhammad (saw) all the time. What about them?

7. He says that every person on zaitoon fm is an atheist. Is this takfir? But why do Ahmadi’s cry persecution then? Why do Ahmadi’s do open takfir in america/Canada/Africa/the UK, Germany and India but cry about not being lawful Muslims in Pakistan?

8. Ahmadi’s crank calling? My experiences in Rabwah. Porn at the internet cafe’s. Ahmadi’s crank call and harrass people. even the sons of Noorudin were harrassed.

9.  He’s mad that we laugh at Ahmadi’s and their behaviors. Even Fauzia Faizi was ill treated.

10.  Ahmadiyya causes people to hate Islam. Easily and quickly.

11. then he accuses ex-ahmadis of crank calling? He is happy that he told on his brothers for questioning and threatening a local president. He is happy to have beat us. He told on us. We didnt quit because of crank calling. We quit because of the prophethood of MGA. Khurram wanted the family business and his wife. the jamaat doesnt punish crank callers, Khadim Shah and Khurram try to kill their family for threatening Jamaat Presidents. Love for all, hatred for none? It wasnt me…calling. Khurram snitched. How did Khurram kiss up to his children after that? didnt all of those children marry non-Ahmadi’s? Are they fake ahmadi’s now? he bought them shoes, food and totally kissed up. Keekee is a kiss up.

12. keekee thinks that khatam in 2:7 is different than in 33:40. He wont answer. He also wont answer as to why MGA claimed to be the second coming of Muhammad (saw)(nauzobillah) via 108:1 and 62:3. he wont answer. He wont answer whether MGA claimed to be superior to Yusuf (as) and Esa (as) and many others.

13. He keeps asking akber C to teach him Quran.

14.  He admits to corruption at Rabwah and Qadian.

15. Chanda aik keera hai humaary thumag mayne—kee kee says. What is Zakat vs. Sadaqa? Why doesn’t keekee know?

16. Momin asked about Chanda’s. This was my issue. I was forced to work 7 days a week. Keekee didnt care, as long as he controlled the money.

17. He is rude again…”can I speak?”. He says its his program, and he can behave as he wishes. Jootee say juwab karna? May vee kerra?

18. he tells momin to go and give a lecture. hahahah. He doesnt want to hear us.

19. they accuse us of disrespecting Muhammad (saw).

20.  Excessive chanda. Why? My house leaked water when I was growing up. we were poor. the mullahs would come and steal money from us. Keekee didnt care, in 2003, he made a deal with my father and father did tabligh and abandoned his responsbilities. Keekee then lvoed to give loans…he wanted prestige and respect. My teeth were messed up as a kid, i got no help..I got married, I had to pay the bill.

21. Why did Muhammad (Saw) collect money. The wars. Not a non-profit corporation. Zakat is not monthly. Sadaqa is the category of Ahmadiyya chanda. Muhammad (Saw) needed money during war time. During peace time, the requirements are much less.

22. Muslims gave excessive amounts of money during war. In fact, during Ww-2, Nizam e nau was published and the Khalifa was scared. During war, rules can change. Marrying more than one wife is only during dire circumstances like war and other scenarios.

23. He says poor people in Ahmadiyya give more. This is my life story. Keekee is in mounds of debt, his business is bankrupt, he has refinances his home 2-3 times. Islam teaches to take care of your family first, even after death. Giving money to non-profit global corporations doesnt exist. Islam teaches us to feed our neighbors after our family. In the USA, we pay taxes, in Pakistan, Zia instituted Zakat. A Muslim has a responsibilty to his own city first where he/she may live then the world.

24. He says only Ahmadi’s are sacrficing their lives and money. this is where the Mirza family is guilty of human trafficking, they are just as bad as the Catholic Church.

25. If a man doesnt pay his employees (his children), he needs to pay them. Keekee’s dad owes one of his sons $250,000 dollars. When will that be paid? at his death? How will the jamaat get that money?

26. Why werent the victims of 2010 attack buried in Bahishti Maqbara? Werent they deserving of it.

27. Wasiyyat is even spent on investments. See the Panama Papers.

28. Ahmadiyya is a business. A global non-profit corporation.

29. Keekee illegally went for Hajj. He refinanced a fake-Ahmadi’s house and helped them start businesses.

30. He says that anyone can not pay chanda. But they can make it up later.

31. he says he’s not a Jamaat official. He was president for 9 years.

32. To get asylum, an Ahmadi has to pay chanda for 3-4 years in London, Canada, Germany.

33. Shias have it worse in Pakistan as do Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.

34. he says Shias are also against Ahmadis in Pakistan.

35. Ahmadiyya persecution? But in 1987,

36. But I couldnt confess that i wasn’t an ahmadi to them…they would have killed me. They would have fired me. And they did. they forced my wife to hate me.

37. Keekee gave Ahmadi’s so many opportunities. Younus Mirza, Sohaib Yunus, Umair Yunus, Waqar Bajwa, Chris Komari, Ahmadi’s could steal from him, and not even show up to work…Keekee didnt care.

38. Ahmadis got better jobs than the average Pakistani from 1947 to at least 2005. Sohaib Yunus almost killed himself. Most Ahmadis are unqualified. My dad got a job at Wabda. My dad hired Karl. My dad always tried to get employees to convert.

39. Ahmadi’s are the most qualified people in Pakistan? Yunus Mirza? Umair and Sohaib?

40. Mirza Muzzafar Ahmad. So many Ahmadi officers in 1947?  Then keekee admits that there is a preference issue. However, in America, its illegal.

41. What about the Shezan company? Zafrullah Khan getting jobs? Muzaffar Ahmad job at the World bank>?

42. Not everyone can drive a tow truck. Its hard work. He is trying to justify his hiring of Ahmadi’s. He helped Yunus Mirza start his own business.  he wouldnt help me at all.

43. There are barely 40,000 Ahmadi’s in Pakistan and shrinking fast. In India it is much less. Dr. Abdus Salam would call the professors of Ahmadi students and beg them for special treatment. Khurram let his brother in law borrow $3500 in 2004, he gave me the money. He does this to earn sway and buy friends.

44. He claims that Ahmadi’s dont get jobs because they are Ahmadi’s. but there arent any jobs in Rabwah. Only jamaati jobs.

45. In America, if an ahmadi is working in an ahmadi company and he doesnt go to Juma, how will they treat him? IN America…keekee paid Ahmadis cash under the table, and avoided sales taxes.

46. No one who is an ahmadi and who isnt. Do people know that Khurram’s cousins are Ahmadi? In the I-10?

47. But in 2003-2006, my dad went to his village and everyone knew he was an ahmadi. he was never touched.

48. He says that Ahmadis are forced to read prayers at home. that s a lie. I went to the Ahmadiyya place of worship in 2004 in Lala Musa, in the heart of the city. Nothing happened. Belize is much more dangerous than Pakistan.

49. he claims that they are afraid in Pakistan…however, in America/Canada/the Uk and outside, Ahmadis are bold and arrogant and do takfir. they call us murtadeen, they call us atheist and etc.

50. He says again..only Ahmadis are sacrficing their lives and property. NO one else. That’s bold and arrogant.

51. When did Wasiyyat become a monthly payment? Was it 2005?

52.  Did keekee do Wasiyyat? Is he a munafiq? Did Noorudin do wasiyyat?

53. Why did MGA say that paying doesnt get someone into Ahmadi heaven? why the double speak? Didnt he do this with Prophethood and the his claim of being the messiah?

54. If a person doesnt pay chanda…they doubt that he even prays. This is how they felt about me.

55. Qurbani? New world order? The Mirza famiyl wanted to contrl the land of Ahmadi’s. Like they did in Rabwah and Qadian. This is how they control peopple. In fact, in Qadian, the majority of Ahmadis live in poverty.

56. Sadaqa doesnt get anyone into heaven. When someone dies, their debts must be paid first in Islam. My dad owes me 250k. But the Ahmadiyya mvoemetn will force us to sell his house.

57. Keekee doesn’t understand that Zakat is yearly…not monthly. He doesnt understand…poor people are exempt from Zakat and Sadaqa. Sadaqa is only allowed via smiling. However, chanda is mandatory no matter what. Even from welfare money.

58. Abu Bakr brought half his wealth during war. Not during peace and for a non-profit global corporation.

59. But Ahmadis are not Mutaqeen. Ahmadis are anti-islam murtadeen, confirmed by the entire worlds ulema, even Professor johnathan Brown.


60. He hated me since 1992 and my other brother.
Unchanged: 61. Keekee quotes 89:15-16. However, he doesn’t quote MGA. What money did MGA ever give? When was this revealed? Keekee is aggressively accusing ex-Ahmadi’s of refusing to pay chanda. What about the man who steals from his family? This ayat has nothing to do with Chanda. Keekee robbed both of his brothers. This doesnt just apply to the orphan. When my dad died, he wants all of that too. Refinancing? Bankruptcies? Is this how? He says Pakistani’s behave like this normally…however, Keekee tries to blame Pakistani’s and not Ahmadi’s. That punishment is not written in the quran..the quran says, when the day of judgement will approach.
Unchanged: 62. keekee then fumbles and can’t answer as to why Bashishit Maqbara exists in the first place.
Unchanged: 63. He goes back to his debate tactics. He can’t be honest, that’s the issue.
Unchanged: 64. He doesn’t like when we give examples. When we give parallels.
Unchanged: 65. Keekee hated me since I was 11-12.
Unchanged: 66. Jamaat Ahmadiyya does force people to pay chanda. They embarass people, and keep asking and keep asking.
Unchanged: 67. They hated me, since I didn’t pay.
Added: 68. excessive begging for chanda.
Added: 69. He doesnt even want to hear us…he called it a lecture.  Hilarious!!!
Added: 70. In America…we dont burn down the houses of those who dont pray…in fact, we dont even ask. Keekee didn’t read the whole hadith. He is being arrogant again.
Added: 71. What masjid did MGA go to for daily prayers from 1840–1876?
Added: 72. Keekee says its his program, he can go whatever he wants.
Added: 73. Abu Bakr only gave during a maj

74. Keekee says he doesnt care where the Ahmadiyya INC uses his money.

75. MGA refused to show accounts.