60. He hated me since 1992 and my other brother.
Unchanged: 61. Keekee quotes 89:15-16. However, he doesn’t quote MGA. What money did MGA ever give? When was this revealed? Keekee is aggressively accusing ex-Ahmadi’s of refusing to pay chanda. What about the man who steals from his family? This ayat has nothing to do with Chanda. Keekee robbed both of his brothers. This doesnt just apply to the orphan. When my dad died, he wants all of that too. Refinancing? Bankruptcies? Is this how? He says Pakistani’s behave like this normally…however, Keekee tries to blame Pakistani’s and not Ahmadi’s. That punishment is not written in the quran..the quran says, when the day of judgement will approach.
Unchanged: 62. keekee then fumbles and can’t answer as to why Bashishit Maqbara exists in the first place.
Unchanged: 63. He goes back to his debate tactics. He can’t be honest, that’s the issue.
Unchanged: 64. He doesn’t like when we give examples. When we give parallels.
Unchanged: 65. Keekee hated me since I was 11-12.
Unchanged: 66. Jamaat Ahmadiyya does force people to pay chanda. They embarass people, and keep asking and keep asking.
Unchanged: 67. They hated me, since I didn’t pay.
Added: 68. excessive begging for chanda.
Added: 69. He doesnt even want to hear us…he called it a lecture.  Hilarious!!!
Added: 70. In America…we dont burn down the houses of those who dont pray…in fact, we dont even ask. Keekee didn’t read the whole hadith. He is being arrogant again.
Added: 71. What masjid did MGA go to for daily prayers from 1840–1876?
Added: 72. Keekee says its his program, he can go whatever he wants.
Added: 73. Abu Bakr only gave during a maj

74. Keekee says he doesnt care where the Ahmadiyya INC uses his money.

75. MGA refused to show accounts.

76. He says that Zia and Bhutto tried to figure out where Ahmadiyya chanda was coming from or something like that. Thats a lie.

77.  Ahmadi’s only clean streets to get governmental favor. Not from the bottom of their hearts, like the Catholic Church too.

78. Jamaat Ahmadiyya doesnt audit the money after it leaves the UK and goes to 3rd world countries. Show us.

79. But my uncle owned a liqour store…many Ahmadi’s did. MGA even accepted money prostitiuyes. And Khurram pays lots of interest in america…not just a few things, he lives on a credit card.

80. Shafiq was a bartender in SF. He never went to Juma. Most Ahmadi’s dont go to Juma.