“The Ahmadiyya Khilafat (Qadiani), the misguided and the misguiding”—By Abdurrahman Puthiyavalapp (2020) is a detailed nooklet exposing the Qadiani-Khalifa System made by another Jamaat Ahmadiyya Islah Pasand, their website can be found here.

They absolutely refuted the whole Khalifa system of the main Ahmadi group

Here is access to the Booklet Ahmadiyya Khilafat, the misguided and the misguiding

They discuss the following topics here:

  1. Persecution of believers by Khalifa

  2. Reality of Muslih Mauood (Refutes Mirza Mahmud Ahmads claim of being the Promised Son)

  3. The status of the family of Promised Messiah (The main Ahmadis claim the family is divinely guided they refute that notion according to Mirza Sahibs writings)

  4. Does Publishing Quran Tafsirs make one a Muslih Maood? (Reply to the argument that Mirza Mahmud was divinely guided)

  5. Unjust system of election of Khalifa (Shows How the system has become like a family business)

  6. Suppression of Freedom of expression by the Khilafat (Nizaam as well)

  7. Mirza Mahmud declares other Muslims as Kafirs

  8. Suppression of payment of Zakat

  9. Hatred towards the children of Maulvi Nooruddin Sahib (First Ahmadi Khalifa/Head)

  10. Alteration of Chanda and Wasiyyat

  11. Praying Namaz behind other Muslims

  12. Advent of Mujaddids

  13. Essential Elements of a Successful Organization

  14. Panama Papers and Black Money

  15. Short History of Khilafat

  16. Slogan of Treason and hypocrisy of the “Love for All Hatred For None”

  17. Ahmadiyya Khalifa and American president

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