The #exahmadimovement is in full effect. We are happy to announce that another ex-qadiani has become Muslim. He has a blog wherein he shares his story. It seems that he read about the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and decided to quit Ahmadiyya. He is from Canada.
His blog entry on leaving Ahmadiyya


 I was always a devout and dedicated Ahmadi Muslim. All the people who knew me in the Jamaat (Refers to the local Ahmadi Community) all used to call me a future Murrabi (A trained Imam or Missionary of the Ahmadi Sect) and that I was a gem for the Jamaat, in which I could be the reason people accept Ahmadiyya. At this point I was only interested in gaining more knowledge on Ahmadiyya Theology, and doing Dawah (Preaching the movement) to non Ahmadis to the best of my ability.

Whenever I used to see Sunni Muslims talking badly about the Jamaat and MGA (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad The Founder of the Sect) I would respond back to them right away, even though it would be many people against me. After doing this at school with other Muslims the situation got so bad that I lost all my friends for the sake of defending Ahmadiyya among all the people in my course, so this is the reason I transferred schools.

During this time I used to be on top of all Ahmadi Answers videos, and checking out every video of him supposedly exposing all the mainstream Muslim scholars. I was also in touch with a lot of very knowledgeable Murrabis, and always asking them questions to learn more or for translation on important Urdu passages in the Ruhani Khazain (Set of most books written by MGA).

Ahmadiyya was literally my life, I started my own YouTube channel called AMJ 4 Life (You can still find my old videos on YouTube here), I shared this channel with all the Ahmadis I knew online as well as in my local Jamaat. Every single day I would work on posting a video on my channel because I felt productive spreading the message and helping the Ahmadiyya community through my videos on topics which are hard for the average Ahmadi to find, my channel was very unique.

I also started a website to make Ahmadi teachings conveniently accessible to people rather then for them to dive deep into the Jamaat books to find their answers which is what seems to be the case for many Ahmadi Muslims. I created a CSE (Custom Search Engine) to compile important Ahmadi websites/sources to quickly find references from many places rather then going on (The Official Website)

I attempted to write my own book that explains all the Ahmadiyya teachings in a simple format so I can get more people interested in joining the movement, as well as to help me do Dawah to explain theological concepts easily. I also compiled small booklets from large Ahmadi books to put it into separate small PDFs, like on Fiqh, Jihad, Hadith studies. These are topics which the average Ahmadi Muslim doesn’t know much about other then sugarcoated, select readings carefully prepared by the writers in the Jamaat.

I used every social media platform to do Dawah such as on Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and Twitter. So with all this dedication to the Jamaat, I stopped focusing on my school and secular education, my school and grades were going down because of my obsession, I didn’t care about anything in this world all that mattered was Dawah to the extent that I learned how to read the whole Urdu language just so I can read MGA’s Urdu books many of which are not translated into English yet.

My doubts started when I had a interest in learning about the Lahori Ahmadis who split off from the main Jamaat. I was always sad to hear that such amazing companions of MGA like Maulana Muhammad AliKhwaja Kamaluddin, split off from the main body of the movement inspite of being so close to to MGA during his life.

One day I decided to reach out to a Lahori Maulana (Imam) and he really made me question the truth behind the split between the Qadianis (Main Ahmadi Sect with the Khilafat system) and the Lahoris (The Other Ahmadi Sect) as well as the character of KM2 (Mirza Mahmud Ahmad MGA’s son and Second Khalifa). I started to read Lahori literature from that period on and studied the split in depth from both angles and I was convinced that the Lahoris were following the true Ahmadiyya, on the successorship of the movement and how MGA wasn’t really a prophet, but just a Mujjadid (Reformer).

I knew at that point that the Khalifa system of the Qadiani Ahmadis was a fraud and can’t be a divine institution because of how KM2 exaggerated the status of MGA, started controversies in the movement and outsiders, declared non Ahmadi Muslims as Kuffar (Non Muslims) as well as contradicting the writings of MGA at many places, like how “Seal of the prophets” does not mean last of the prophets even though MGA never denied this term to mean the last, he himself translated it as last in his lifetime, so the fact Mirza Mahmud was changing the original stance of MGA was very suspicious indeed.

It also bothered me how the main Jamaat lied about their convert/population numbers it was exaggerated to such a high extent where they claimed on their official websites, over 200 million Ahmadis, just a few years later they changed from 200 million Ahmadi Muslims to just 10 million, that is a huge drop and extremely suspicious for the so called divinely guided Jamaat to do. I will link you to see an excellent article on this issue written by ReasonOnFaith here.

So I could no longer believe in the Khalifa system or in the Qadiani Ahmadi theology. At this point a lot of my Ahmadi friends cut me off when I started preaching ideas contradictory to the Khalifas teachings, I realized that Ahmadis cannot have intra faith differences because of how there is so much emphasis on obeying the Khalifa blindly and not openly speaking out against his opinions the Twitter debate is a perfect example of this. This blind following really bothered me, it is actually a major sin within the religion of Islam to listen to your forefathers without thinking on your own, surely the case with obeying this Khalifa would be in the same category of following your forefathers.

One of the smartest Ahmadi Muslim I ever met, who has a successful YouTube channel was actually a closeted atheist. This really shook my faith, that such an intelligent person who read every book of MGA does not believe in his truth. He told me many things that majority of the Ahmadis and Non Ahmadis alike have not heard about the Jamaat. He told me he likes how Lahoris are critical thinkers, but still believes they are wrong because both Ahmadi sects are based on MGA’s teachings. So I then decided to question Ahmadiyya as a whole, to see if MGA was actually truthful.

I went through all of ReasonOnFaiths articles especially the Piggot Prophecy. His responses to the Ahmadi apologists were far more detailed, clearer, and honest, he exposed the inconsistencies within Ahmadiyya theology as well as the lack of quality in the responses of these apologists. His articles made me realize that Ahmadiyya cannot possibly be the truth, it seems to just be a misinterpreted, sugarcoated version of Islam.

I went through all the posts on the Islam/Ahmadiyya Subreddit about the alleged miracles of MGA and realized that they all have mental gymnastics tied into it, metaphors, and obvious things which are twisted to suit Ahmadi narrative. People can definitely see through this themselves, think about it. Why would an all knowing God say something in his Quran but not mean it? The Muslims at the time of Prophet Muhammad all understood prophecies, and the Quranic miracles in a literal manner the Quranic text also supports the literal opinions, if it was metaphorical then Allah could easily have told the 7th century Arabs that these were not real miracles, he would not leave his people upon misguidance, so the Ahmadis cannot possibly have a better understanding of Islam then the early scholars of Tafsir. So it would be highly unjust for God to blame the Muslims, and non Muslims alike for not accepting MGA as the Mahdi (A Person prophecised in Islam by Muhammad).

Going through the Ex Ahmadi subreddit opened up my eyes to the reality. The Impossible game video on ReasonOnFaith ‘s website, made me question traditional religion as a whole, if God is truly just, he would not punish the sincere non believers in the world just for having a small difference in theological belief.

Obviously If Ahmadiyya was true then why is there so much mental gymnastics just to defend the prophecies of MGA, and their understanding of the early Islamic history? Why so much of inconsistencies in Ahmadi literature? (I will elaborate on this in my future posts).

In conclusion I recommend for every believing Ahmadi to read Nuzhat Haneefs book called Recognizing the Messiah, her book showed me that this group cannot be true. MGA was no longer convincing to me as a true divinely guided Mujjadid.

Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Atheist, or Jew, we should all unite together as brothers in humanity. We should live our lives to the fullest and do good deeds on Earth, and most importantly, to be sincere.

Assalam’ o Alaikum (Peace be upon you all)

~ The Rational Ahmadi

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