Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers wanted to get Christian’s to join Ahmadiyya, thus, they invented some silly parallels which might entice a Christian to convert to Ahmadiyya. Initially, in the 1878-1882 era, via Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 3 (see page 211 online english edition), MGA scoffed at the idea of God having sons and etc. Then again in 1891, when MGA claimed to be the Messiah and Mahdi (in 1892), MGA spoke of himself in some type of weird metaphoric trinity. In 1892, MGA had his famous dream wherein he thought himself to be God (see at the 5:48 mark).

In the 1907 era (See Haqiqatul Wahy), MGA was claiming that his GOD was human and ate, fasted and etc. MGA took it a step further and claimed to receive a revelation wherein his God called him his son. This could also be a rip-off of Bahaism.  In the same book (Haqiqatul Wahy) also claimed to be the Brahman Avatar in a weird revelation. MGA and his team of writers mentioned how this was all metaphorical, just like MGA’s prophethood.

Furthermore, it should be noted that MGA called himself the baruz of God (naozobillah), just like he had claimed to be the baruz (second manifestation) of Muhammad (saw) (astagfarullah). MGA also claimed to have been given the highest throne of them all. This was all in the era of 1906-1907.

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(see page 211 online english edition)

“””will be asked: ‘Was this not true?’ This is the interpretation of my dream from before, which my Lord has caused to come true. They will say: ‘This is only a delusion.’ Say: ‘God has revealed these words,’ and then leave them occupied with their sport and play. Say: ‘If I have invented it, the sin thereof is on me; and who is more unjust than one who invents a lie against Allah?’ The Christian priests and the Muslims possessing the characteristics of Jews will not be pleased with you. They have fashioned sons and daughters for God without any knowledge. Say: ‘God is He, who is Single, and is Self-Existing and Besought of all. He has no son, nor is He anyone’s son, and there is none like unto Him.’ These people will devise their plans and Allah will devise His plan and Allah is the Best of planners. There will soon be mischief; then be steadfast as the Prophets of high resolve were steadfast. Beg Allah for the manifestation of your truthfulness. We have the power to show them before your death a manifestation of Our divine decree that We have promised, or cause you to die. Allah is not such as to chastise those among whom you dwell.”””

In 1886, in Surma Chasma Arya, MGA claimed that Muhammad (saw) was a manifestation of God. 
Is Allah an octopus?  Or a Leopard?  Or a Spider’s web?

In the Qadiani-Ahmadi translation it is written (see pages 61 and 62) :

“”””In order to pictorially visualize the implications of the foregoing statement, let us imagine that the Supreme Sustainer of the universe is indeed the Supreme Being who has an infinite number of hands and feet; their number is uncountable, and their breadth and width limitless. Like an ‘octopus’, as it were, the Supreme Being has tentacles reaching out to all corners of the 
universe and functioning as its gravitational pull. Indeed, these are the self same organs also known as the universe. Whenever the Sustainer of the universe wills a movement in part or in full, these so called organs are also bound to move accordingly; indeed He carries out all His commands and intentions through these organs, without using any other means. “”””
In urdu, this word is “TENDWA”

Why did the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s translate “Tendwa” as octopus?  Tendwa means leopard in hindi, urdu doesn’t use this word. Here’s a screenshot with the highlighted portion. I can’t figure out what he meant by ‘tendwe ki tarah is wujood-e-aazam ki taare’. I thought he may be alluding to countless spots on the surface of the leopard, so I looked up Farhang-e-Asifia dictionary to see if the word ‘taarein’ can be used to mean spots/stripes, as ‘taar’ leads itself to ‘tareek’ i.e. dark, but found no such reference.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Spider web?
The Lahori-Ahmadi’s translated this phrase (Tendwa) as a “Spiders web”.

The Lahori translation

See page 55

“””To illustrate the above description still further, the ever-living force of this universe can be imagined as a great being with many hands and feet; these limbs stretch to eternity and, like a spider’s web, this Great being stretched to all the limits of existence and forms the nucleus of the entire creation.”””

A’ina Kamalat i Islam p. 564

‘I saw in one of my visions that I am God myself and believed that I am the same. His Godhead penetrated and infused in me. My personal edifice collapsed and that of God appeared distinctly and divinity subdued me completely.’ He further writes ‘and in this state, I submitted that we need a new system and a new sky. So, first of all, I vaguely created the earth and the sky but there was no order and no system therein. Then according to the will of God, I put them in proper order and appropriate arrangements and I saw that I was capable of creating things. Then I originated the sky of the earth and said [sic]. Then I asserted that now We should beget man with the essence of clay. Then the state of contemplative vision converted into inspiration and I started muttering “These are the inspirations I am enlightened with by God Almighty.”
Arbain, no.4, Page 19, Footnote, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 17, Page 452

“”””I have received the book of Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh, accountant, entitled: ‘Asa‘-e-Musa, in which he has made personal attacks—based entirely on ill-thinking—on me and has also attacked some of my true and holy prophecies without due consideration. When I had looked through that
book and had put it aside, I received the revelation concerning Munshi Ilahi Bakhsh:

Translation: [Arabic] They desire to see menstruation blood in you. [That is, they are
seeking to discover impurity and filth and vileness] but God desires to exhibit His continuous favours unto you.(See also Al-Hakam, volume 4, number 44, December 10, 1900).  

How can they find in me any matter resembling menstruation and what trace of it is left in me, for God has converted, through holy changes, that matter into a handsome boy; and that handsome boy has the status of a son in the estimation of Allah, meaning that although the limbs of a child are nourished and developed through menstruation blood, the child cannot be called impure like
menstruation. God has affirmed that I had developed from the state of impurity which is part of human nature into purity and that it is folly on the part of my opponents to seek impurity in me because I have become a pure child by the hand of Allah and like a son in His estimation.
God is my Guardian and Providence. There is, thus, the resemblance of a paternal relationship. God has put down the fire which has been sought to be kindled through this book ‘Asa-e-Musa. God is with the righteous who carry out their duty to the utmost and mind the finer points of taqwa [fear of God].

In 1904, the Al-Hakam claimed that Bahaulah claimed to be the Messiah.
Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, page 912

“””You are to Me like My Unity and Uniqueness. The time has come that you should be helped and be made well known in the world. You are to Me like My Throne. You are to Me like My son.”””
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