MGA and his team of writers concocted a new religion which mish-mashed Christianity, Hinduism, Bahai-ism and Islam. In 1891, this is the philosophy that MGA gave, he was asserting that the Christian Trinity is wrong, and proposed a new Trinity, and this trinity was basically MGA and Jesus being son’s of God/ MGA went on to argue that he makes love with his God and thus produces the Holy Spirit (Ruhul Qudus). Years later, Yar Muhammad tells us that MGA’s God would exert sexual force onto MGA all the time and 7 years earlier, in the Barahin, MGA had claimed to have gotten pregnant in a weird way. MGA is also saying that Muhammad (Saw)(naozobillah) is god (the father). MGA also said that this is how angels are born (however, in reality, these were the demons who tortured MGA). Also see here for MGA’s similarities with Bahai-ism.

In 1891, MGA wrote some very strange things on the Christian Trinity and he had re-created it on Earth and etc. In this same book, MGA also wrote that his God had arms and was a tendwa and etc. It’s quite clear that MGA was creating a new religion.


Is Allah an octopus?  Or a Leopard?  Or a Spider’s web?

In the Qadiani-Ahmadi translation it is written (see pages 61 and 62) :

“”””In order to pictorially visualize the implications of the foregoing statement, let us imagine that the Supreme Sustainer of the universe is indeed the Supreme Being who has an infinite number of hands and feet; their number is uncountable, and their breadth and width limitless. Like an ‘octopus’, as it were, the Supreme Being has tentacles reaching out to all corners of the 
universe and functioning as its gravitational pull. Indeed, these are the self same organs also known as the universe. Whenever the Sustainer of the universe wills a movement in part or in full, these so called organs are also bound to move accordingly; indeed He carries out all His commands and intentions through these organs, without using any other means. “”””
In urdu, this word is “TENDWA”

Why did the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s translate “Tendwa” as octopus?  Tendwa means leopard in hindi, urdu doesn’t use this word. Here’s a screenshot with the highlighted portion. I can’t figure out what he meant by ‘tendwe ki tarah is wujood-e-aazam ki taare’. I thought he may be alluding to countless spots on the surface of the leopard, so I looked up Farhang-e-Asifia dictionary to see if the word ‘taarein’ can be used to mean spots/stripes, as ‘taar’ leads itself to ‘tareek’ i.e. dark, but found no such reference.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Spider web?
The Lahori-Ahmadi’s translated this phrase (Tendwa) as a “Spiders web”.

The Lahori translation

See page 55

“””To illustrate the above description still further, the ever-living force of this universe can be imagined as a great being with many hands and feet; these limbs stretch to eternity and, like a spider’s web, this Great being stretched to all the limits of existence and forms the nucleus of the entire creation.”””
A’ina Kamalat i Islam p. 564

‘I saw in one of my visions that I am God myself and believed that I am the same. His Godhead penetrated and infused in me. My personal edifice collapsed and that of God appeared distinctly and divinity subdued me completely.’ He further writes ‘and in this state, I submitted that we need a new system and a new sky. So, first of all, I vaguely created the earth and the sky but there was no order and no system therein. Then according to the will of God, I put them in proper order and appropriate arrangements and I saw that I was capable of creating things. Then I originated the sky of the earth and said [sic]. Then I asserted that now We should beget man with the essence of clay. Then the state of contemplative vision converted into inspiration and I started muttering “These are the inspirations I am enlightened with by God Almighty.”

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