From 1879 to 1901, Mirza Ghulam and his team of writers claimed that Gabriel could never bring Wahy Nubuwwat ever again. In fact, MGA never even mentioned seeing Gabriel in this same error. However, as we all know, all 1240,000 prophets saw Gabriel and got Allah’s revelations from Gabriel. This is a quranic rule. MGA knew this, in 1901, MGA claimed prophethood in a slick way and remained quiet on the status of Gabriel. Nevertheless, in 1906-1907, via Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA claimed to seen an Ayal, and called it Gabriel in his footnote. Read about how Eisa (as) will always have Gabriel with him herein.

The quote, online english edition of Haqiqatul Wahy, page 124

“”””They will ask, ‘Whence have you obtained this status’? Tell them, ‘Allah is the Possessor of Wonders.’ Ayal (Here Allah the Almighty has named Gabriel as Ayal, because he returns
often) came to me and chose me and rotated his fingers and signified that the promise of Allah had arrived.”””

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