I interview my dear friend Mustafa on my youtube channel today, aka Ahmed Mustefa Ahad. He gave his testimony, I am unable to put it into words, nevertheless, click here to watch the interview. I did a follow-up interview with Mustafa herein.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmed Mustefa Ahad is a prominent ex-Ahmadi from the Chino mosque, which is close to East L.A. He attended the Chino Mosque (aka Baitul Hameed Mosque) in his youth and all the way to adulthood. I remember him vividly as Mus, he was always an amazing brother, I played tag football with him in the parking lot at the mosque. In roughly the early 2000’s, he created a company, Aacreation, feel free to check out his IG-page, tik tok, youtube channel, facebook page. He worked in Amila and helped Ahmadi’s with photo’s at many events. He has left Ahmadiyya and is trying to figure out where to go next. The Ahmadiyya Movemnt has told its members to boycott him, even his mother is following this order. He has been driving Uber nd barely making enough to live. The Ahmadiyya Movement refuses to help him and instead has smeared his reputation. A few year ago, he took his divorce to the local courts and the Ahmadiyya Movement punished him and refused his chanda. He grew up with famous Ahmadi’s like Amjad Khan (@AmjadMKhanEsq) and many others. He can be reached via phone 1-714-922-0143 and via email at

Ahmed Mustefa Ahad with Shahid Ahmad and Amjad Khan—-2000’s

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