In the below, we have posted what seems to be a letter from Nida (d/o of Faiza) on her raping/molestation/sexual-assault, this was posted in some whatsapp groups. Affaf Azhar has shared this on her facebook page too.



On the 1st of March this year, I woke up from the comatose state I had been since an infant and my eyes opened up to the realities of this world. For the first time I began to see everything with clarity.

Some people from my father’s side of the family, including my father himself continue to give the impression to others that I am still on good terms with my dadyaal. I would like to officially declare and announce that I have disowned my paternal side of the family, each and every one of them, A to Z. My dadyaal is full of characters like Hinda, Yazid, Hadhrat Nuh’s (as) son, Hadhrat Lut’s (as) wife, Hadhrat Ibrahim’s (as) father. They enable abusers to mistreat and prey on the weak, illicit relationships, lying, hypocrisy and indecency. And they do all this under the veil of Jinnah caps and Burkah – under the pretence of piety and virtue. On the foundation of “Love for All, Hatred for None” they commit the most horrendous improprieties and do all this while flaunting about Hadhrat Khalifa Salas (rh) name. A few years back someone saw in a dream that Khalifa Salas’s (rh) body has fallen out of his coffin and he has fallen face front on some dirt. When someone overturns his body, his face has become blackened. This is exactly what my paternal side of the family has done to this innocent man. They have exploited his name everywhere and anywhere they could just to take advantage of his status and in return they have only dishonoured and besmirched Khalifa Salas (rh), in ke ulaad ne parkharchay urra diyay hain Hazoor (iii) ke. My father is able to call my Nana, my Aba, Khalifatul Masih Rabay (rh) an atheist without being held accountable for such offensive remarks. My father daringly says “Main Khalifa Khamas (aba) ko bhi dekh loon ga, unko bhi nahi choroo ga” without being answerable to such reprehensible comments (amongst his many other abhorrent misdeeds). They pretend to be obedient servants to Khilafat yet they deem it appropriate to steal from those Khulifa who have left this world. They betray their Khulifa by plunging a knife in their backs with a smile on their face. There is woman in my dadyaal, whom since entering into the family of Khalifa Salas (rh) has only done wickedness. She is like Hinda, and she has ripped out the heart of Khalifa Salas (rh) and devoured it with relish, Tauba Astaghfar, and this person knows exactly who she is and whom I am referring to. I do not condone any of these actions. I condem this way of life and approach, that is why I can no longer associate myself with such hypocrites, liars and filth. I feel ashamed that I share the same blood as them. Once when suffering a nosebleed, Kaiser Wilhelm II famously said “I wish I could drain the last drop of my damned English blood from my veins!”. This quote perfectly depicts how I feel towards my paternal side of the family. My poor Dada, IF his progeny’s actions are reaching his soul then he must be weeping right now, aise he hai jaise Quran mein aaya hai, ke jab bhighari hui umatein Ambiya ke saamne paish ke jaye ge ke yeh umatien hain tumhare, sab Ambiya inkaar kar lein ge pechaanay se. Main Khuda ko Hazir Nazir rakh ke Khuda ke qasam kha te hoon ke, jo bhi mainay likha hai, mainay sirf such likha hai aur apne experience se, aghar main jhoot Bol rahi hoon toh phir Khuda ke laanat ho mere par aur aap sab mere ibratnaak khatima dekhay. But because I know I am speaking the truth, I am not worried.

Allah Aap sab ka hami o nasir ho.

Nida (D/O Faiza)

The english essay by Nida in Urdu

and this one:::::

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