Nida Al-Nasser has highlighted the fact that the Mirza family has been running a “Kanjar-House” in the “Qasr-e-Khilafat” (Palace of the Khalifa) at Rabwah and Tilford (watch this tik tok). It was MGA who started all of this “Kanjar-Khana back at Qadian, since he was allowed to touch all women without issue. In fact, a great-grand-father of Nida was Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah and he would regularly send his own daughte (Zainab Begum)r to spend long nights with MGA wherein she massaged him and gave other services. Fauzia Faizi is also a great grand-daughter of Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah, she thoroughly exposed the Ahmadiyya cult about 5-6 years and seems to have went silence since then. Even after MGA died, the 1st Khalifa kept the “Kanjar-House” alive and even had the widow of MGA (Nusrat Jehan) calling herself the sex slave (laundi) of Noorudin. The 2nd Khalifa was accused of rape in 1905, even in that case, Ahmadiyya sources claim that there were a lack of witnesses. He became Khalifa in 1914 and immediately married the daughter of Noorudin, she was dead 10 years later. He then raped his daughter Amtul Rasheed extensively and even brought an italian prostitute to Qadian (Miss Rufo). A few years later, he tried to rape Bashir Ahmad Misri, which led to the murder of Fakhruddin Multani and multiple allegations of sex crimes vs. the 2nd Khalifa. It didn’t end there. Mirza Nasir Ahmad took over at Rabwah, the Mirza boy’s (cousin’s) all grew up together, this included, Mirza Luqman Ahmad, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Mirza Fareed Ahmad and many others. These guys were the gangsters of Rabwah. They were all secretly involved in the 1974 Rabwah Train attacks. In 1982, Mirza Luqman Ahmad was involved in the 2nd marriage of the 3rd Khalifa with the 25-year old woman. It seems that Mirza Luqman Ahmad was in love with Dr. Tahira.

What is a Kanjar?
We love all poor people at this blog, however, in desi culture, these people never converted to any religion and seem to have had low moral character, thus, desi people created a cuss word, which seems ridiculous from my american perspective. The Kanjar are a nomadic tribe or group of people of North India, Kashmir and Pakistan. The Mirasi tribes are also probably related to them. These people are also sometimes called by the names of Nath, Banchra and Gashtay.

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