Here is a video response by Mirza Tahir Ahmad on the punishment of rape in Ahmadiyya. This has always been the Ahmadiyya stance. In fact, the Mirza family has always encouraged rape culture in their inner circle by asking for 4 witnesses for rape. In 1922, the #qadianiahmadis approved sex without marriage. In fact, MGA was getting massages from pre-teen girls at Qadian and everyone looked the other way. The longer video of Mirza Tahir Ahmad answering about rape can be found herein.


“””Unlike adultery, there is no fixed penalty for rape in Islam. From one Quranic verse, it can be inferred that the crime of rape carries the most severe punishment, including death, dismemberment or exile, depending on the circumstance. Rapists, people who have exceeded all bounds, should be given such an exemplary punishment that it serves as deterrent for others”””.

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In 1922, the #qadianiahmadis approved sex without marriage

In Qadian, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was allowed to be intimately touched by all women and men


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