In 1935, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad described his father as a bon-vivant. He was in court and dealing with a Hindu Judge, Justice Khosla (see page 122), this judge dealt with ahmadiyya fairly and called it fangled and disturbing, he made many other comments about sex drugs and etc. This had happened before, almost all the Hindu judges who saw a case involving MGA, they found him guilty, however, in all of these cases, MGA would win on appeal, either that or a British judge would exonerate MGA (see the story of abdul hameed being sent for murder). There are other stories of MGA having women taking baths in-front of him in Darul Zikr. In fact, many many Ahmadis sent their wives and daughters to Qadian to service MGA. We also know that Barkat Bibi told Mirza Ghulam Ahmad about pain in her vagina. We have presented many quotations in the below which prove that MGA always kept toilet attendants who also worked as masseuses. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad got massages from female doctor’s too.

Even the Lahori-Ahmadi’s weighed in and condemned the behaviors of the Qadiani Khalifa.  Muhammad Ali commented on the matter here and seemed taken aback by the behaviors of his former colleagues (see page 3). We have presented many quotations in the below which prove that MGA always kept toilet attendants who also worked as masseuses. We also know that Barkat Bibi told Mirza Ghulam Ahmad about pain in her vagina.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Al-Hakam, 1907, page 13

Ref is ‘al hakm 17 April, 1907, page 13’

“”””Question: why mirza Qadyani was allowed to touch to other women .

Answer : He was innocent. It allowed to him to touch and ikhtalat. It was for barkat and mercy.”””

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Mahmud Ahmad was also a womanizer

Interestingly enough, Mahmud Ahmad was accused of the same crimes in 1906, he had some type of affair with the daughter of a male-attendant of MGA. Between 1927 and 1937, several members within the community began to allege that Mahmood Ahmad was involved in acts of sexual impropriety. To exonerate himself of these accusations, Mahmood Ahmad stated:

“”””To advance an objection against me even though that objection be true makes a man enter hell””” (((( Al-Fazl, 4 Nov. 1927))))

There are many additional references
Seertul mahdi page 312, vol 5

“”MGA said to Safia Begum, daughter of Maulvi Abdul Qadir to massage his head, and he told her, ‘one day you will feel proud that you have massaged the head of Maseeh Maud””




Quotation no.786 seertul Mahdi. (third part)

1- Women use to guard mirza qadyani at night

2- Mirza qadyani use to give them instructions to wake him up if he talk during his sleep

3- And their names were mai rasool Bibi, sister of babu shah seen, mai fajou, sister of Munshi Mohammad.
Al Fazl, March 20, 1928, pages 6-7, by Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani

“My late wife…..went to Hazrat Promised Messiah at the age of 15 in Dar-ul-Iman (Mirza’s private room) …the sire very much liked her service of massage his legs”.

Al-Fazl of 3-20-1928


Another ref from Seeratul-Mahdi


(780). Dr Mir Muhammad Ismail narrated that Ummul Momineen (Nusrat Jahan begum) once told that hazrat sahab had an old women servant namely Bhano. One winter night when it was chilling cold she started massaging the legs of hazrat sb. Since she was massaging the legs of hazrat sb without removing quilt so she could not have any idea as to what she was massaging, was wooden side piece of bed. After a while hazrat sb said to bhano. It is very cold tonight bhano? Bhano replied in punjabi “HAN JI TADE E TE TUHADIYAN LATTAN LAKRI WANGOON HOYAN HOYAN AIN.” MEANING:- Yes sir that is why your legs have become stiff as wood.

This humble self states that hazrat sahab by asking question from Bhano might have drawn her attention to the fact that extreme cold has made u so senseless that, u don,t even realise whatever u r massaging are not my legs but these are wooden pieces of bed. But her answer turned it into a laughing stock. This humble self says that bhano was a resident of village Basra near Qadiyan and was a faithful and religious lady according to her environment.

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Another story of servants constantly massaging MGA

Mirza Bashir Ahmad M.A writes about him at page 804 Vol-3 of his book SEERATUL MAHDI:

“””” when under epilepsy fits, Hazrat Masih e Maud used to get his feet oil massaged and asks the servants to massage his body very hard and in this way he gets relaxed.””””

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Another story
seertul mahdi – Quotation number 1525 -Pat V) by Mirza Bashir M.A

Mirza Qadyani use to wake up Lady (Non Mahram) Hasouu by sprinkles of water, as he use to go for toilet early morning. Mirza use to wake her up for prayer.

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