Anonymous Ahmadi’s from Canada are reporting that there is a Murrabi (Bilal Ahmad Khokhar) who was trying to expose rapists in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and was silenced (2015-2016 era). You can see a photo of him herein in 2012. It seems that he was working in the Vancouver area, the story is as follows, an ahmadi girl married a Hindu guy, and the jamaat told to go and deliver her ikhraj (ex-communication) to her family (which he did). Later, the family said that they were going to make the Hindu sign the bait form so take back the ikhraj, but the jamaat refused. The family of this girl got so mad at Murrabi Bilal Ahmad Khokhar that they tried to kill him in many ways. Murrabi Bilal Ahmad Khokhar was overwhelmed that ahmadis kept attacking him physically everywhere he went. he also began to report the rapist and child molestor’s in the Vancouver jamaat. Many Ahmadi women began coming to him and opening up about being raped and molested. The stress was so much that he stopped eating, his wife called the police because he didn’t eat for 4 days (based on stress). The jamaat gave him an injection and took him to the mental hospital, for not eating. He got mad at his wife for doing this and immediately filed for divorce. They had a child together, many issues followed, his own brother began to lock him up in his room at his house just to protect him. Anonymous Ahmadi’s claim that he wanted to jump out of his window and etc, just to escape. The senior Murrabi’s in the Ahmadiyya Movement heard about all of this and went out of their way to stop Bilal Ahmad Khokhar from meeting the Khalifa (2016). It just so happened that an ahmadi from the Vancouver Jamaat met the Khalifa and told the Khalifa of the story of Bilal Ahmad Khokhar. It seems that the jamaat injected him with many drugs and then sent him to see the Khalifa. After this meeting, the Khalifa transferred him to the headquarters in York, Canada and has him working a desk job and taking lots of drugs for depression. It seems that Bilal Ahmad Khokar isn’t a murrabi anymore, we also know that a local ahmadi, Naeem Lakhan was heavily involved in this entire situation, and many murrabi’s who have worked in Vancouver have been bullied by the jamaat members therein. Naeem “Makhan” Lakhan seems to be the murrabi in-charge at Vancouver.


2014-2016 era

This is wherein he found so many rapists and child molesters in the Ahmadiyya Movement and he wrote a famous note, see in the photo.

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