Ahmadi’s are known to twist original sources as they make their lame arguments. In terms of Ibn Khaldun, in the 80’s, Mirza Tahir Ahmad quoted him and asserted that he believed that Eisa (as) and the Mahdi were the same person (see page 117). However, that is a distortion, Ibn Khaldun gave sever alternatives to the famous hadith and even asserted that Mahdi was meant in its linguistic form in this hadith and simply meant that Eisa (As) will be the most guided of Allah, more than the actual Mahdi. Simply read the “Muqaddimah” (by Ibn Khaldun) and any unbiased reader will quickly realize that Ibn Khaldun believed in the physical descent of Eisa (as). In fact, a neutral professor tells us the same, see Woodberry herein, he says, “The historian Ibn Khaldun says that Jesus will descend at the white minaret east of Damascus, marry, have children, and die after 40 years””.

Moreover, Ahmadi’s like to cherry pick wherein Muslims may have believed that Eisa (As) died for a few hours and was then revived in heaven (see Tabari), however, Ahmadi’s don’t present this properly and assert that Eisa (as) died. The truth is….a small minority of Sufi’s did believe that Eisa (as) died for a few hours, and nevertheless, will still physically return.

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