A new audio phone called has leaked today between Naseer Shah (Shandy Shah) and Nida Al Nasser (the video has been removed, however, we have made a copy). Nida has categorically denied these screenshots. In this audio, Naseer Shah tells Nida that he has had sex with Nida‘s mother (Faiza) many times. Nida jokes that Naseer Shah is still getting erections at age 61. This was also posted on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. This seems to have been leaked by pro-Khilafat Ahmadi’s who are trying to prove that Nida was a prostitute or something like that. However, the reality is that her father (Mirza Luqman Ahmad) has been arranging for her to have sex with many men over for over 20 years. This is why Nida said that she is no innocent, however, she was groomed as such, she was groomed to be sexually promiscuous as most people from the Mirza family are.

The audio

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