Khurram Shah is the typical immigrant-extremist-Ahmadi. He hates when Ahmadi’s ask questions and openly worships the Mirza family. Just recently, he was accusing ex-ahmadi’s of having family issues and being against Islam and thus moving away from Ahmadiyya. This is what Khurram Shah says and feels about anyone who rejects his cult. In fact, he hates his entire immediate family because they don’t worship his Khalifa, and even his relatives who are Ahmadi don’t like him.

Some of his comments archived

  1. First please show me how its unislamic? Im interested so i can understand from your perspective

  2. Jamaat does not forbid anyone to attend their child’s wedding, do you have any emails that show that a person was forbidden? or was is a jamaat member who said so? I would like to see if Jamaat said “dont go or else” what were the circumstances behind it.

  3. See now you accepted it, that its their generation and Jamaat is everything to them, think about their position, now for the sake of their children they will have to stop seeing their friends because their friends are too nosy. Everyone will trouble them and ask them where did your daughter get married? their relatives from pakistan will call and inquire. some people with troll them. The pressure on them is too great from their social and family circle. The Jamaat will try to help cover it up as per the teachings of Islam, but they family trolls and other will not leave your parents alone. They will feel like they cant show their face any where. But its okay Im sure they will understand because they love you and only you matter to them.


Its family issue, your mother/father and their parents accepted a way of life. They wanted to live that lifestyle and were committed to it. Then you came along and said its not for me, and how do your parents cope with that? How do they understand that everything they have committed themselves to all their lives will not be committed to by their offspring. They know its a system, they also know that they have supported this system when others were boycotted for doing non Islamic things. Now that their Children want to do the same, what do they do? do they become hypocrites? Everyone is trying to figure this out.

As far as what the “mullahs” have did this is a bigger problem and does not compare to the type of social boycott that you are talking about. Your mother and father will always be your mother and father and no one can change that as long as you treat them with respect.

I have seen some people drift, but you still see them sometimes. They still want to keep some of their friendships, they may not hang out with their friends like they used too, but they still keep in touch. Honestly I think you guys scare your ownself too much.

For the last part, You should (not) play along, you should come out and state your position for everyone to know and let them decide if they will love you the same. However if you cant do this then you “may” want to just play along.

  1. I dont know how your parent accepted Ahmadiyyat, or if their parents did. At some point someone in your family accepted the rules of Nizam and signed a Bait form. You would have to figure out who that is. Every organization has rules, boards have rules, clubs have rules. Some people like rules, some people dont.

  2. The point here is that no where in Islamic history will you find someone leave their faith and then the family celebrates it. If you can show me some examples, I would love to see them.

  3. I still think your parents will and can attend your wedding, no one will stop them. They love you im sure, dont worry about it. stop scaring yourself. Tell your parents everything and they will be if to figure things out and you and you family will be happy.

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