A few hours ago, a girl posted her story of rape in the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum from an anonymous account. She is accusing Naseem Mahdi (who died a few days ago) and Aslam Daud of rape. Another Ahmadi girl is also involved. Rana Tanveer has confirmed the story. The girl that was raped by Naseem Mahdi claims that this happened in June 2004 and September 2006, she claims to have been raped at Teston Road, past Mosque Gate (this is in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada if you aren’t aware) and a super rural road. Before Teston Road was developed it was not an easy road to navigate. Teston road was not open for traffic until like 2010 or something. Giving details of the incident, she said all this happened at Peace Village, a residential colony of Ahmadis adjacent to their religious Canada Headquarters, where they were also living. She said they were living at Tahir Street of the Peace Village in 2004 when the abuse started and continued until 2006 when her family moved out of that locality.

The other girl claims to have been raped in 2008 when the 5th Khalifa came to Canada.



In light of very recent events, with the death of a man that I have great contempt for, I have decided to come clean and reveal for the first time to anyone what had happened to me. I have lived with the burden of this experience for over 18 years since I was a very young child and no one besides my therapist has ever caught wind of this due to my fear of the consequences and the dishonour it would bring to my family if anyone were to find out.

Now before I begin let me just provide some background information. Please note that all of the following information has been carefully edited by me, so that no one will be able to DOX me. Especially those troll ahmadi accounts that tried to find who I was when I responded to the thread of another members post.

When I was four or five years old we relocated to Peacevillage in Maple Ontario. We were the first occupants in the house we were living in on Tahir Street.

Now before I go on further let me tell you that I was diagnosed with PDD a form of autism when I was younger, so I had trouble with my social and communication skills. To top this all off I also had persistent speech pathological issues which made me very antisocial, self conscious, and made it very difficult to trust people.

I never really had a father figure growing up, because my dad would be gone days at a time from west coast to east coast all the way down to florida because he was a trucker. I was the only girl in my family so for my first year there I had no friends and it was very difficult for me to find someone who I could trust.

A year after we moved I recall that My Nanaaboo was visiting from Rabwah Pakistan over the summer holiday and it was through him I met the deceased, since they used to be close friends. It was through this relationship that I was introduced to a child female relative of the deceased, who lived not too far away from my house. She became my best friend and I would always go to her house to play with her, since my nana would spend a lot of time accompanying the deceased.

I remember during a couple of Jamat events back then such as the meena bazaar, or during jalsa. When I lost my dad or mom I would go to the mission house to find the deceased since I trusted him. He always used to reassure me that “you are just like my daughter” and used to console me with stories of prophets like Jonah who was stuck in the whales belly. Little did I know he was grooming me.

I remember around the time KMV was newly elected there was a jalsa held where the Jamat does it every year, the international centre. I was with my mom who bought me kulfi, and I was stuck around in the parking lot playing around with the other kids past Maghreb time. The parking lot was almost empty and I was grief stricken knowing that I was all alone. It was then I saw a car that seemed all too familiar, it was the deceased’s car. I went to his car as he was about to leave and asked if he had seen my parents. I was hysterical and devastated so he promised to take me back home, and offered vanilla ice cream from McDonald’s to cheer up the seven year old girl. Everything was normal until I dropped the ice cream in his car by accident.

I can’t remember where exactly it was but he took a detour off of teston road, past Mosque Gate (This is in Vaughan Ontario Canada if you aren’t aware) and went to some rural road. He stopped the car somewhere and his demeanour changed. He pulled me out of his car and told me that I am in trouble for dropping the ice cream in his car and my parents would be very mad at me. He saw me crying and told me that if I do something for him he will forgive me.

I will save you the details but I still remember the smell, the pain, he made me perform fettalio and since I wasn’t fully matured he penetrated me some place else (HINT: 🍑). Although I was too young and didn’t know what sex was it felt wrong, and he told me it was my fault and I felt it was.

After this incident I always used to above him and he used to avoid me. It wasn’t till my nana came back from Pakistan that the abuse started again. When ever my mom and nana ha to go some where the deceased would always volunteer to take care of me taking advantage of the fact that I had autism coupled with the fact that I felt tremendous guilt for what happened to me.

When he was alone with me he would blackmail me and would manipulate me into thinking that if I gave him what he wanted no harm would come to me. I would zone out during those times and let him do what he wanted.

I believe he was grooming me to be used by another one of his best friends in the Canada Jamat, who is still alive and is a pioneer of the Jamat. I came to this conclusion when he would look at me in a seductive way while I was playing at the park in front of the mission house in Baitul Islam and say “So you are __________ sahiba, Mehdi Sahib had told me alot about you”. This was also concluded when a friend of mine confided in me that both this party and the deceased abused her. We are currently gathering evidence against this party and will provide it to the proper authorities to bring the deceased’s accomplice to justice.

In 2006 my family moved out of peace village and the abuse stopped! Although the physical torment stopped, the scars and pain of the secret I was hiding were etched into my soul would burden me for the next 16 years of my life and future social interactions . During this time I have thoughts of melancholy and depression and attempted at ending my life on two occasions. Despite after years of therapy and counselling I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that the rape wasn’t my fault until the death of the deceased. Learning that my perpetrator was dead was like someone releasing all the chains off my soul. After seeing all the people on this Reddit talking good about him, I wanted to come out with my story so you could see this man for who he really was behind closed doors

Just as a discretion of the readers I did not put forth this story to try to malign the Jamat and accusing everyone of pedophillia. But it is to bring awareness that stuff like this does happen in the Jamat and the toxic culture the Jamat promotes, where questioning the credibility of an office bearer is conflated with disrespecting the caliph, allows for these things to run rampant.

I hope the Jamat will have better judgement when selecting office bearers and properly vets all of them since all of them in one or another form have access to children.

I also hope that if these people are ever brought to justice the Jamat can help establish a presedent that victims of such abuses can feel confident that their voice will be heard without social ostracization or boycott. I was the jamats negligence towards this principle that discouraged me from coming forward. It was only through this man’s death that I felt solace and had enough energy to come forward.

As for this man’s accomplice me and my friend will put forth evidence in Canadian court and will make sure that he hears the music of justice before his time expires like his bestie. If he has abused you too please message me.

I hope all the victims of sexual abusers in the Jamat have the courage to come forward after reading this account of events, and if not, then I hope it provided you with assurance that you aren’t alone and have a community of redditors here that love you and support you!

Have a lovely day!

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