The Ahmadiyya Jamaat-Canada was recently exposed for accepting political endorsements and using charitable resources for political purposes. Accepting political endorsements and using charitable resources for political purposes are against Canadian charities law and are grounds for revocation of AMJC’s charitable status and the return of each members donation tax benefits with interest. You can send this to Canada Revenue Agency and they will investigate, all you have to do is click on this link. Interestingly, there are a bunch of charitable Muslim groups suing the CRA right now. Citing seemingly innocent activities, the CRA accused these Muslim charities of illegal political activities. These charities are now, in turn, suing the CRA for Islamophobic bias. Based on what i’ve seen from the newspaper articles, the case against the CRA appears strong. Due to that case, it looks like the Canada Jamaat will be doing the CRA a huge favor. The CRA would love an easy “open and shut” case right now that would serve to vindicate them and allow them to make an example of a Muslim charity for actually clearly conducting illegal political activities. Sohail Ahmad with @reasononfaith has tweeted about this also. Furthermore, in 2018, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown resigned from PC party leadership amid accusations of sexual misconduct, this is the guy that the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are endorsing?

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Can Canadian Charities Engage in Political Activities?

“A charity cannot take part in partisan political activities, which means it cannot directly support or oppose a specific candidate or political party for public office. It is important that charities use neutral language in their communications. The CRA has clarified that, as long as a charity restricts its comments to the political party’s policy, and does not explicitly connect its views to the political party, it would likely be carrying out a non-partisan political activity.”

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Can Canadian Charities Engage in Political Activities?

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