A few days ago (in 2022), Mirza Masroor Ahmad told a group of 11-12 year old Ahmadi girls that abortion is allowed in Ahmadiyya, even if the fetus isn’t properly developing in the womb, even in the later stages of pregnancy (after 6 months). We have archived the clip herein on tik tok. However no references are given, thus, Qasim Rashid said exactly the same just to appease the democratic party in the USA. However, back in 2011, Maulvi Azhar Haneef was asked a similar question by Lord Tariq and he argued against abortion for blindness and other reasons and argued that just because a child is blind, it doesn’t mean they don’t have other qualities (1:00:27 time stamp).

You can also read about “The Stance of the Ḥanafī Madhhab on Abortion”.


The 2nd Khalifa has an essay which appeared in the May-1916 edition of the ROR wherein he discusses abortion. 
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The Stance of the Ḥanafī Madhhab on Abortion By Mufti Zameelur Rahman


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