In the below we have posted a story from M. Abdullah Sanauri  (MGA’s famous toilet attendant) in Seeratul Mahdi wherein a man named Molvi Abdul Aziz came to MGA and asked MGA to pray that he would have a son. MGA knew that this man had money and asked him to pay MGA 100,000 rupees first. This messaged was sent to him through his confidants, once Molvi Abdul Aziz heard MGA’s answer, he became quiet and died without sons to leave inheritance for.

There is another story wherein MGA claims that if a person ate mulberries, they will have a son. The person relating the story is from Mian Ghulam Nabi Sethi (also spelled Seth Ghulam Nabi), and about his wife and she climbed up onto a difficult mulberry tree and picked the finest mulberries for MGA to eat, as a reward, MGA claims that he will have a son, which he did, however, the son died after 18 months. This also reminds us of the failed son prediction for Mian Pir Manzur Muhammad.

In 1939 Ahmadiyya leadership was selling weird medicines which claimed to guarantee a son to any man. In the 1960’s, via Tafsir-i-Kabir, the 2nd Khalifa claimed that a lunar eclipse causes miscarriage.

In 2022, Mirza Masroor Ahmad said it was OK to get an abortion if a child was to be born with disabilities.

(SM volume 1, pp. 238-239, #264)(2008 edition)

Abdullah Sanori narrates that there was a man named Molvi Abdul Aziz who had a friend who had lakhs of rupees and wanted a son. He said tell MGA to pray that I get a son. MGA said first give me 1 Lakh rupees and then I’ll pray.


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