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Comparing the FLDS to Ahmadiyyat from islam_ahmadiyya

After watching “Keep Sweet Pray and Obey,” i couldn’t help but compare the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) to Ahmadiyyat. The FLDS was lead by a so called “prophet” chosen by God. Similar to how ahmadiyyat is lead by khalifas chosen by God. Both groups are very similar with their control tactics, both very culty. (TRIGGER WARNING: SA IS MENTIONED)

So I am gonna do a side by side comparison of the FLDS and Ahmadiyyat:


FLDS Prophet: Preached that dying is better than disobeying the prophet. The prophet knows best, and everyone has to listen or they will be punished / excommunicated. Anyone who disobeys the prophet must be shunned by the whole FLDS community. God talks to the prophet.

Khalifas: Obey or be excommunicated. The khalifa is given revelation from god. The khalifa cannot be questioned. If you are ahmadi, you will bring shame to your whole family if you disobey the khalifa. This is a good control tactic as ahmadis are always attached to their parents: If you decide to leave the jamaat, your parents reputation will suffer, hence most ahmadis dont leave to save their parent’s reputation. If you do leave the jamaat, no ahmadi is allowed to talk to you and you will be shunned: so you have to say goodbye to your family, friends, and mentors. People are scared to leave for this reason.


FLDS: Members are all very close knit, and have created an exclusive society. Everyone in the church is told they are the chosen people from God. The church always knows where you are and where you travel. There are cameras in the area where members live. Members spy on each other.

Ahmadis: Very close society. Everyone in the sect is told they are the chosen people from God. Members are told they are special from a young age. Members feel bad for non ahmadis. Ahmadis will not talk about anything fishy happening in the community, to save the jamaat’s reputation. Members spy on each other (especially at weddings, on social media, and other social events) and snitch to ahmadi authorities if any ahmadis are disobeying the rules. This creates a sense of fear in the community: members always feel like they are being watched. Usually young ahmadis in schools do not trust each other, as they are scared that their fellow ahmadi students will snitch on them.


FLDS Prophet: Prophets get married to underage girls because “God told him to.” Prophet married a 12 year old. Parents are okay with marrying off their young girls because they believe they must listen to whatever their prophet wants. The prophet also assigns young girls to marry much older men.

Khalifas: Many khalifas have married underage/young girls. Many times khalifas have gotten married to younger girls because “God told him to”. Including KM3 who got married to a 25 year old girl when he was 75. He died shortly after and his young widow was forbid by the jamaat to marry again. So she spent the rest of her life alone. Also, Its okay for much older men in the jamaat to marry much younger girls. The promised messiah tried to bully young girls to marry him (muhammadi begum, who was 13), saying he received a revelation from god that she will be his wife. Muhammadi begum was harrassed for months, and the promised messiah also published how he had a dream about her being naked.


FLDS Prophet: promotes polygamy. One prophet had 78 wives at the same time. Men can have as many wives as they want, as this pleases God. Wives in the community are not educated on sex ed, hence wives usually do not know what it means to consummate a marriage on the night of the wedding. In other words, many wives of the community have been victims of marital r*pe. Women must obey their husbands.

Khalifas: Some khalifas have promoted polygamy. KM2 had 7 wives (only 4 at a time). No one ever questions why the khalifas in the past have pursued much younger girls while they were still married. Creates a community where women are disposable and wives can be easily replaces. prophet muhammad had 10+ wives at the same time.


FLDS Prophet: obsessively instructed women on what to wear. Women had to be completely covered. He didn’t allow women to wear the colour red. He allowed certain hairstyles women had to wear. Women weren’t allowed to be on video. (These rules changed depending on who was the prophet at the time: the first prophet was more liberal with women’s clothing. the second prophet had more rules for women).

Khalifas: obsessively instruct women on what to wear. All women have to wear the hijab. Women’s coats have to be up to their knees. Women have to wear pants up to ankles. Half sleeves are allowed, but sleeveless clothing isnt allowed. Women who do not abide by these rules cannot vote in their mosques. Also women are forbidden to post pictures online. These rules can change based on who the khalifa is. Some khalifas have been more liberal, some have been more strict.


FLDS Prophet: His son was accused of sexual abuse, and the prophet did not hold his son accountable. His son was named his successor, despite being an abuser. The prophets were very sexual, could marry/sleep with whoever they wanted. Lots of members have been accused of incest and SA. The prophets impregnated a lot of underage girls.

Khalifas: Covered up sexual abuse in their community. Khalifas have never stood up for the people in the jamaat who have been SA’d by other members. Sexual abuse in the jamaat has always been covered up. Many murrabis have been accused of SA. Members in the khalifa’s family have been accused of SA. Underage girls have been married to the khalfas in the past.


FLDS: All prophets are from the same family. Getting married to a prophet is a big honor.

Khalifas: Mostly all khalifas come from the same family. No one really knows how the next Khalifa is chosen, but they claim they are “appointed by god.” Khalifa’s family is given “holier than art thou” status in the jamaat. Being married into the khalifa’s family is a big honor (even tho it has nothing to do with islam, just a popularity contest)


CLDS Prophet: The prophet always makes an excuse if his prophecy wasn’t fulfilled.

Khalifas: Always make an excuse if their prophecies aren’t fulfilled. Making it impossible for khalifas to be infallible to their members. Lots of prophecies haven’t been fulfilled. These unfulfilled prophecies are usually covered up or deleted from alislam.


FLDS: The church has a misleading logo. The logo is “Keep Sweet” and is repeatedly used by the church. Members are convinced that their community embodies the logo.

Ahmadiyyat: Has a logo that makes the jamaat seem very accepting: “Love for All, Hatred for none.” The logo is misleading, since the only way the jamaat loves you is if you follow all their rules. Gay people arent accepted in the mosque. Youre not allowed to love/marry someone who isnt ahmadi. Ahmadis are also convinced that their community embodies their logo.


FLDS: Members sing songs about how much they love their prophet. Children also sing these songs as well. All households have pictures of the prophet in their home. these tactics are used to brainwash members to be attached to their prophet. The more you obey and love the prophet = the more honor the prophet gives you.

Ahmadis: Sing songs about how much they love the khalifa (nazms). Kids are also told to memorize these nazms (even tho it has nothing to do with islam). Ahmadis have pictures of the khalifa in their house. Kids are given awards for being a good ahmadi, creating a cycle for needing validation from the jamaat. Adults are also awarded: theres no bigger honour than being mentioned in a sermon by the khalifa. If you get killed for being ahmadi, you’re automatically put in heaven. The community has an honor system: The more you obey = the more you’re honored in the community.


FLDS: Members who are kicked out of the church have to leave their families behind. For example if a man is kicked out, his wife has to leave him and marry someone else in the church. Ex members are emotionally tormented as they are not allowed to talk to their spouse and children. Ex members say the church’s tactics have caused a lot of mental turmoil in their life.

Ahmadiyyat: Ex members face a lot of mental anguish from being shunned by their family/friends, and ex members are usually verbally degraded by ahmadis.


FLDS: Girls have to marry whoever their prophet wants them to marry. Girls are told they should be moms and not be educated.

Ahmadiyyat: Women have to marry ahmadis. Men have more options. If an ahmadi does not marry a fellow ahmadi, they will be shunned. If an ahmadi marries a non ahmadi, family members are not allowed at their wedding or else they will be kicked out of the jamaat. Another big control tactic that falls in the honor system. This creates tension in family and segregates families. Girls are told what they should study; ahmadi boys have never been told what to study.


FLDS: Prophet lives from the donations of his members. Finances are usually hidden, members arent told where their donations are going. Money has been used to create huge temples for the prophet.

Ahmadiyyat: Khalifa lives off the donations of his members. Khalifas are millionaires. There is lots of donation money hidden in offshore accounts. These accounts are not exclusively under the Khalifa’s name, but also under the khalifa’s family member’s names. The khalifa has never discussed why he has millions of dollars in off-shore accounts. The khalifa puts financial strain on his members to donate more, putting members in vulnerable positions. The more you donate, the more honored you are. If you donate a lot of money, you can be buried in a “special graveyard” or your name can be engraved on the mosque. Again, this tactic is a part of the honour system; ahmadis addicted to honor.

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