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Forgive me for creating another topic on this but in my opinion the speech by Rizwan Khan titled “Avoiding the Evil Tree of Infidelity and Hypocrisy” deserves to be properly analyzed. I don’t think I have heard such a radical and openly threatening speech in English so far from the jamaat. This is an escalation, a new level of confrontation. They are rattled, they feel threatened. They are saying enough is enough, crush it and make people fall back in line. And that for the whole english speaking world to see and hear. It’s quite amazing and revealing.

This isn’t some weird conference or meeting at the mosque, this was a vetted speech at the Jalsa Salana on a Saturday at prime time. Can’t claim that this is the opinion of a single person, not that of the jamaat or huzur (the usual excuse). They wanted everyone to hear this, especially the youth that may not have made it to the Jalsa on Friday due to school/college/work. They are at a point where they need to openly threat people into shutting up. Look at the other speeches. Khilafat, obedience, obedience, khilafat. Financial sacrifice is so last year.

So lets dissect the speech and look at the messages and threats they are sending out – some open others more obscure:

[03:02] “that if a person isn’t happy with an organization or a community then it is shameful and disgraceful to stay in that community and oppose it from”

What a weird choice of words. Why is it shameful and disgraceful to criticize a community from within?

[03:57] “so a munafiq has been described as being like a rat”

lol not even hiding the insults

[05:10 ] “that surely the hypocrites will be in the lowest depth of the fire”

criticizing the jamaat -> hellfire. lovely.

[05:50] “if someone does munafiqa now they are a thousand times worse in their hypocrisy than at the time of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)”

Opposing MGA and the jamaat is 1000 times worse than opposing the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Got it.

[06:01] “munafiqin in the jamaat they say that they can’t leave the jamaat or they don’t want to leave because of social pressure from their parents from their grandparents but these kinds of excuses are childish they’re embarrassing to hear from any adult”

The fact is that most people are not concerned for themselves but for their parents and families, who go through ostracism and isolation for their child’s supposed failing. Any Ahmadi can witness to the fact that people are told at jamaat meetings to avoid the person leaving the jamaat and sometimes the whole family (‘jamaat unse kohi taluk nahi rakhti’ or something like that). Sometimes they are not even allowed to attend the wedding of their child and are kicked out for that reason. This is traumatic for many, the social isolation they have to endure (for no fault) is hard on them. That’s what people are afraid of. He doesn’t even address the issue but calls it childish. What an amazing guy.

[06:47] “one of the signs of such monafiqun is that they won’t complain to the khalifa when they have an objection when they have a complaint”

Uhm… Nida? Probably the greatest example for the whole world to see of how useless it is to complain directly. Not even his close relatives get justice from him if the reputation of the Mirza clan is at stake.

[07:18] “disagreement is permissible but it is defiance it is disobedience which is not allowed to be within a community. And then to defy the khalifa from within it in an underhanded way that is what is not respected and that is what is not allowed”

Again: many would have no problem leaving if you wouldn’t keep their parents and families hostage. It’s not childish to safeguard them from harm. Why can the jamaat not simply say: okay leave then. There will be no public announcements (isn’t that a privacy violation in itself? I am sure it is in some countries), your family will not be ostracized. so simple. watch how many would leave. but that is exactly what you don’t want! you don’t want to see people leaving in droves.

[07:41] “when munafiqeen give excuses for not sharing their objections with the khalifa then it shows that weakness in that nifaq in their faith”

Again: the whole world heard how much complaining to the khalifa brings. Absolutely nothing. You can disagree with him on minor theological issues but no would ever dare raise the bigger issues. Like for example shandy shah remaining in powerful positions. How was that allowed? Any bigger issue you raise which threatens the reputation of the Mirza clan… you are quickly taken care of.

[08:20] “that if Allah and his Apostle did not act justly then who else would act justly? So how can munafiqeen claim to give bait to the khalifa if at the same time they don’t think that he is going to do justice”

Mirza Masroor Ahmad =/= Holy Prophet (pbuh). They are not the same. Abu Bakr (ra) said to stop obeying him if he stops obeying Allah swt and His Messenger (pbuh).

Anyway the issue most of us have stems from the false claims of MGA. So that argument becomes moot.

(funny thing: I typed “Obedience to Khilafat” into google… pages and pages of jamaati website and literature. Obedience to the khilafat this, obedience to the khilafat that, obedience, obedience, obedience. Only on page 6 did I find a non-ahmadi website lol.)

[10:29] “of course they’re sometimes faults in office holders there are sometimes faults in people but the monafiqa that is being spoken of here is a person who has lost faith in the jamaat of Allah almighty at large. They criticized the jamaat at large”

Well if something is systemic, if some wrongs keep repeating themselves such as the ostracization of families, if members of the khandan never have to take responsibility for their deeds, if the Khalifa is showing a lack of fundamental islamic knowledge for the past 18 years… then maybe there is something wrong at large.

[14:08] “why are they filled with so much cynicism and bitterness when they look at this beloved movement in jamaat of Allah almighty. It is a symptom of an illness

There are ex-Ahmadis who reject MGAs claim but may not have left the jamaat in order to spare their families the hardship that the jamaat imposes on them (no word about that so far other than calling it ‘childish’). And there are those who have become irreligious altogether but won’t leave because of the same reason. You see a pattern here? You are desperately trying to paint them as bitter, cynical and ill, as losers basically. They don’t have any legitimate reasons, they are just angry! But the fact is that most people only stay because they want to protect their families from YOUR oppression. Let them go, no more bitter and cynic ex-Ahmadis in the jamaat.

[20:33 ] “also if a person finds a rat that died of plague in his home, if he cares about his physical health he immediately throws it out”

Is he now telling parents to kick their kids out if they doubt/criticize the jamaat?

[21:56] “whoever encourages munafiqeen with his actions in conduct they should listen clearly that Allah almighty will disgrace them in this world in front of us and in the next world in his presence.”

I don’t think the threat could have been any clearer. He is not talking about the supposed munafiqeens, he is talking about Ahmadis who remain friends with Ahmadis who criticize the jamaat.

[23:26] “so we have to choose that if a person wants to show sympathy and mercy towards munafiqeen. That munafiq is doing harm to the jamaat. They are undermining the khalifa they are defying the khalifah.”

No sympathy, no mercy! Love for all, hatred for none! Look at the choice of words. They are trying to whip up ordinary Ahmadis against anyone criticizing the jamaat. Calling this hate speech would probably take it too far but it’s certainly incendiary. See the following quote:

[24:11 ] “thus crushing such people as our responsibility even if some important people who sympathize with them are crushed along with them it is a responsibility of every person who has truly given bait that he helps me in this and informs me of such people”

Wow. Do I need to add anything? Quod erat demonstrandum!

[26:13] “so this is how munafiqeen are dealt with. Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra) said that when I tell you to oppose munafiqeen it means to find out their activities and inform the jamaat about it.”

Asking ahmadis to snitch on each other. What is this, a purification campaign?

[26:35] “we don’t judge intentions. If we started judging intentions and that would be a witch hunt. That’s forbidden. But what we do see is actions.”

Now that is hilarious. That is exactly what they are trying to start here.

[27:36] “so simply confronting monafiqa, to monitor it, to track it, that is an effective way of opposing it. Because a munafiq does not want to be seen does not want to be watched. He does not want or she does not want the patterns of their behavior to be identified. So this is our responsibility to root out, to identify and root out munafiqa”

Perfect closing statement. I don’t think he could have made a more cultish statement if he tried. Monitor, track, crush.

That is the current state of the jamaat. He didn’t address any points of criticism, he provided no solutions other than asking ahmadis to snitch on each other. No word on the failings of KM5, no word on the social isolation of families.

What’s next? I am guessing many more speeches about munafiqat at friday sermons and ijlas in order to hone in the message. Maybe not in this radical way, but that seems to be the new theme. Obedience, khilafat, munafiqs.

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