The Ahmadiyya Movement and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad are almost identical to Mormonism and Joseph Smith. The ROR of Nov-1934 discusses Mormonism and Joseph Smith. In the ROR of Aug-1934 (see page 321), an Ahmadi missionary (Sufi Muti-ur-Rahman Bengali) who was working in the USA was asked about Mormon prophets and if they were accepted by the Ahmadiyya Movement, Sufi Muti-ur-Rahman Bengali hesitated at first, but then confessed that yes, all prophets were sent by the Ahmadi god. Confucius, Buddha and Krishna were also mentioned. In 1986, Garth N. Jones wrote “The Ahmadis of Islam: A Mormon Encounter and Perspective“. Read our essay on the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and Ahmadiyya.

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“The Ahmadis of Islam: A Mormon Encounter and Perspective” by Garth N. Jones

In Ahmadiyya, the Mormon prophets were also sent by Allah


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