The Mirza family aka the Ahmadiyya Movement is pure evil. They demand to know how much every Ahmadi makes. Once they get this info (which should be illegal to collect), they begin to demand chanda. They are so bold, they are asking for $60 per year from unemployed Ahmadi men between the ages of 15-40 (Khuddam). 33% of this money goes straight to the UK and is spent per the order of the Khalifa. The other 67% pays for the MKA-Ijtema and other events.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ It’s time to submit your MKA budget for next year (2022-23)

MKA fiscal year is ending in October and it is time to submit your MKA Chanda budget for the next year (Nov 2022-Oct 2023). The MKA constitution requires every Khadim to submit their chanda budget (i.e. your pledge based on your income). The deadline for submission is July 17th.

MKA Chanda rate is 1.2083% of your net income for earning khuddam and $60 per year for unemployed khuddam. This includes both chanda majlis and ijtema. Everyone must submit their budget regardless of their earning status.

Submit your budget now. Those who are unable to pay according to the prescribed rate are advised to apply for chanda remission rather than submitting an inaccurate budget. You will get the option to request a lower rate (with a reason) at the end of the budget form.
Friday Sermon July 23, 1982

“ …But Allah Almighty says that these people too have been blessed with Insight; you can deceive neither them nor Me. Your lifestyle, your society, your values, each of these things reveals how much you possess. Since Wasiyyat is not a system of taxation, therefore, in view of the moral norms and practice of the Jama‘at, the office-bearers accept whatever a person claims to be his income, even when they know that he is not speaking the truth. But what comes to pass later on is very dangerous indeed for such people: their sacrifices of a lifetime go in vain and they lose their wealth and fall into all kinds of troubles. Allah, Who knows everything, has countless ways of bestowing and similarly of taking back….

“…Such people even become deprived of the peace and comfort which wealth is supposed to provide. At times the wealth of such families is squandered before their very eyes and they are helpless to do anything about it. Therefore, you should always be true and straightforward in your dealings with Allah, Who is the Giver and Provider. Only then will your sacrifices be of any use to you and you will inherit even greater blessings.”
(Friday Sermon Sept. 10 1982)
**For MKA Chanda, Sadr Majlis has the authority to grant remission

“I have announced again and again that if someone is unable to pay the Chanda in keeping with the prescribed rate, he should clearly say so and should tell us about his circumstances. Khalifatul Masih** can grant remission in Chanda ‘Am. And I openly promise that whoever honestly thinks that he is not up to the mark and that he should be granted remission, he shall be
granted remission. But do not lie to God! It should not be that God gives you millions and you pay your Chanda on the basis of hundreds of thousands, and you say that He has only given you that much. Do you think that God forgets what He has given you (God forbid) and doesn’t know what you are paying back? He who has given you is aware of the secrets of the hearts and has knowledge of all hidden intentions. He is aware of the Bank balances where the money goes and disappears and yet man doesn’t find contentment, he wants to possess even more.”

“Most members of my Jama‘at are poor and unprivileged, but to present oneself for the service of Allah with a pure heart is the cure for every problem & difficulty. So whoever truly believes in the existence of Allah and knows that he is dependant upon His favours in the material and spiritual world, should not let this blessed time go out of his hand, nor should he let the disease of miserliness deprive him of this reward. Only he deserves to join this Movement who has a
high resolve and who promises Allah that from now on he shall try his best to offer each month whatever financial assistance he can offer in order to remove the difficulties faced by His religion. It is hypocrisy to remember Allah when faced by a calamity and to become heedless when one is in ease and comfort. Allah is Independent and Indifferent; it is you who have to prove your sincerity in order to attain His grace. May Allah be with you.” (Majmuah Ishtaharat Vol 3 Pg.165). 

“It goes without saying, that you cannot love two things at the same time: it is not possible for you to love wealth as well as to love Allah. Lucky is he who loves Allah. If any of you loves Him and spends his/her wealth in His cause, I am certain that his/her wealth will increase more than that of others, for wealth doesn’t come by itself, rather it comes by Allah’s will. Whoever parts with some of his wealth for the sake of Allah, will surely get it back. But he who loves his wealth and doesn’t serve in the way of Allah as he should, will surely lose his wealth. Do not ever imagine that your wealth comes of your own effort, no, it comes from Allah Almighty. And do not ever imagine that you do a favor to Allah or his Appointed One by offering your money or helping in any other way. Rather it is His favor upon you that he calls you to this service.” (Majmuah Ishtaharat Vol 3 Pg. 497).
Friday Sermon June 06, 2003

“If you acquire more income after the Budget has been drawn, you must not continue paying according to the Budget. Rather you must pay in relation to the blessings which Allah has
showered upon you. If our dealings with Allah are straightforward, He, being the All-Hearing and All-Knowing, will hear our prayer all the more. And if there is anything which we need for this age and for ourselves, it is the mercy and blessings of Allah and prayers which find acceptance at His
threshold. So I beseech you that, for your prayers to be accepted, it is important that you keep your dealings with Allah clear.”

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