It doesn’t seem like MGA ever did Qurbani on Eid-Al-Adha. We haven’t found a single instance of this. We did find MGA in 1907 saying that Qurbani was mandatory on those who could afford it. Mirza Tahir Ahmad contradicted MGA in the 1990’s. We have found a question-answer session of Mirza Tahir Ahmad wherein he says that Qurbani is only mandatory (fardh) when someone is doing Hajj. Mirza Tahir Ahmad quoted 22:37 (22:38 in the Qadiani Quran) of the Quran in 1997 and emphatically gave his fatwa. Moreover, the Ahmadiyya Movement never sacrificed animals for Eid Al-Adha and instead told Ahmadi’s to give the Mirza family the money (MGA was against this practice). We don’t have any records of qurbani at Qadian or Rabwah (we have found video’s of Ahmadi’s getting ready to kill goats in Rabwah, which seems to be against the law). We think that the British Government may have frowned on Muslims doing Qurbani (since Hindus were offended by it). It should be noted how MGA never fasted during ramadhan and never paid any fidya (eid tax for the poor). Check out Shams ud Din’s video on this topic too.

Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem explains herein how in the Hanafi Fiqh, if someone has the money, Qurbani is mandatory, this was the opinion of Imam Abu Hanifa (also Taymiyya, Imam Malik and Imam Ahmad). Abu Hurraira said that anyone who is financially capable, it is mandatory upon that person to do Qurbani.

The word qurban appears thrice in the Quran: once in reference to animal sacrifice and twice referring to sacrifice in the general sense of any act which may bring one closer to God. In contrast, dhabīḥah refers to normal Islamic slaughter outside the day of udhiyyah. In hadiths regarding the qurban offered during Eid al-Adha, forms of the word udhiyah are often used interchangeably with qurban.

Via Al-Badr, Feb-14-1907, page 8

Eid-ul-Adha, Hajj and sacrifice

Sacrificing an animal on Eid is obligatory only for those who can afford it

A letter from a man was presented before the Promised Messiahas that he had put a small amount of money somewhere as part of a sacrificial animal, but they excluded him from that part as he was an Ahmadi. He asked whether his sacrifice would be accepted if he gave that money to the miskeen fund (for the less privileged) of Qadian.

Huzooras replied:

“Sacrifice [of an animal] can only be called a sacrifice by sacrificing [the animal]. It cannot be done by giving money to the miskeen fund. If your funds permit, sacrifice a goat. If there is less and you cannot afford more, then it is not obligatory on you to sacrifice an animal.” (Badr, 14 February 1907, p. 8)

Urdu scan, (Badr, 14 February 1907, p. 8)

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