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MKA USA Sept 2011 News

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Ahmadis are getting robbed blind and don’t even care.  I am posting a very informative video in the below which describes the economic/accounting procedures of the Ahmadiyya jamaat.  I was a Khadim in MKA for 20 years, I participated in many Local Ijtemas, Regional Ijtemas and National Ijtemas.  Ahmadiyya leadership was always stingy when it came to spending money on its own members, I observed this many times over, however, for new converts or any kind of press, they are always willing to spend big bucks.

In the video posted, which is an official MKA video, it is stated (by the son of a millionaire) that only 22% of MKA funds stay with any local jamaat, however, what it doesn’t mention is that if a local jamaat doesn’t spend its allotment,  or doesn’t request money, then, in that case, the money is returned to the National Headquarters.  Let me explain that again, 100% of all the money collected by any Ahmadiyya jamaat is sent to a national bank account, then, a local Qaid (MKA leader) has to officially request funding for any MKA event.  However, it is at the discretion of the National MKA committee, or a panel of Ahmadi-mullahs who decide.  If they decide to fund a local ijtema, then an amount is sent to a local bank account for use.  The Ahmadi Mullahs are really the employees of Ahmadiyya and they are running the the jamaat in any country and sometimes, they give powers away, nonetheless, every event happens at the discretion of an Ahmadi-Mullah.

Further, this video goes on to state that 30% of the money is sent to London, where it can be sent anywhere in the world at the discretion of the Khalifa, as we all know, he decided to store lots of money in Panama for many many years, and he only pulled out recently once the famous panama leaks were made public.

From an accounting perspective?
All the money that is sent to the UK from the USA is fully counted and audited.  I don’t think this is where the fraud is happening from.  Ahmadiyya hides money from the UK as it collects from all around the world.  This is how Masroor and company “wash” the money with neat accounting tricks.  Further, the UK govt. is fully on-board with helping Ahmadis since they owe MGA’s father for the help that he gave in the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

My personal experiences with MKA and my local jamaat
Ahmadiyya leadership barely did any local sporting events for me and my fellow Ahmadi friends on the west coast.  We were always told to attend the national MKA-Ijtema, however, we would have to pay for our tickets separately, unless we were new converts or could prove economic depravity, which was demeaning in many ways.  Once upon a time, we were able to convince Ahmadiyya leadership to hold football/basketball tournaments locally, however, they refused to give us funding, even though we had 100+ Khuddam who were requesting these games.  We ended up paying for it all by ourselves, it was hard, we were forced to charge $50 per player. This was 2006-2007, the following year, they cancelled the events altogether.

MKA was the CIA for Mahmud Ahmad and the Police department of Rabwah (1948–1974)
MKA was a bad organization, they worked specifically for Mahmud Ahmad in Qadian, then, they enforced the will of the Khalifa in Rabwah, and also spied on Ahmadis to make sure they were all in-line with what the Khalifa was saying.  After Sep-1974, Rabwah became an open-city, and the govt opened a police department, however, for 20+ years, MKA was nothing more then an organized street gang, in fact, they famously terrorized the sons of Noorudin and forced them to leave Rabwah in the late 1950’s and even committed a terrorist attack in May of 1974, as they attacked a train full of innocent medical students.