After the British Government allowed the Ahmadiyya Movement to operate in Mauritius (1915), the Ahmadi’s immediately began to stir trouble. A court case was started by the Muslims of the Rose-Hill Sunnee Musjid (Mauritius) since they were forcibly evicted by Ahmadi’s and the British Government in 1916. The court seems to have summoned the Pesh Imam of the grand Masjid of Port Louis (aka The Jummah Mosque (Arabicمسجد جمعة) formerly “Mosque of the Arabs”, is a mosque in Port LouisMauritius dating from the 1850s). He testified in court in terms of how Ahmadi’s are not Muslims at all. In a rude way, Ahmadi’s described him as the Lord Bishop of the Mauritius non-Ahmadi Hanefites.

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