Roberts Liardon made a youtube video about Dowie 2 years ago. In this video he explained how Dowie never died and his mission lives on. Roberts Liardon explains how the teachings on healing that Dowie taught are still being taught today in America. In fact, Dowie trained 150 Pentecostal pioneers, especially on the healing side (23:47 time stamp). Dowie was arrested 100 times for trying to heal the sick (16:46 time stamp). There used to be a law in America that only doctors could put their hands on patients. Because of Dowie, this law was changed forever in America. He also explains how Dowie died while thinking of himself as the promised Elijah. Dowie also wanted to buy Jerusalem. In 1902, the Ahmadiyya Movement at Qadian challenged him to weird prayer duel, to which Dowie never accepted. When Dowie died in 1907, the Ahmadiyya Movement declared victory.

In 2022, in a form of jest, the Ahmadiyya Movement spent 5 million dollars and erected a temple in Zion called “Grand Victory” Mosque in Zion, illinois. Read about Dowie’s full altercation with Ahmadiyya herein. Dowie founded the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in 1903. It still exists in 2022 as the Christ Community Church. Check out other Zionist churches that were offshoots of inspired by Dowie herein.

Roberts Liardon was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Roberts Liardon is a leading Protestant church historian. He founded Roberts Liardon Ministries, along with Embassy Christian Center, Embassy Ministerial Association, Spirit Life Bible College, and Operation 500. He also founded the Reformers and Revivalists Historical Museum. You can find him on twitter as @RobertsLiardon.

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