The ROR of Jan-1933 reports that the 1932 Jalsa at Qadian was held on Dec 26, 27 and the 28th. They allege that Ahmadi’s came from Burma, Malabar (aka the West Coast of India), Ceylon (aka Sri Lanka), Java/Sumatra (Indonesia) and Afghanistan. They allege that accommodations for 15,000 guests were made at Qadian. Qazi Muhammad Aslam gave a speech after the inaugural address by the Khalifa. Qazi Muhammad Aslam speech was on, “The Problem of the Existence of God”. Maulana Zahoor Hussain and Fateh Muhammad Sayyal gave speeches (spelled as Chaudri F.M. Sayal), “Khilafat in Islam” and “Islam and Bolshevism”. The second day of the Jalsa started with announcements. The first announcement was to the effect that the “All India Muslim Conference” totally represented Muslims in British India and the British Government should listen to them. The second announcement condemned violence against white people in British-India. The 2nd Khalifa then gave a long and boring speech. On the last day of the Jalsa, the 2nd Khalifa gave another 6-hour speech.

Other speakers were, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Jalal ud Din Shams, Maulvi Mohammad Nazir, Sheikh Mohammad Yousaf, Mir Qasim Ali, Maulvi Ghulam Ahmad, Maulvi Ghulam Rasul Rajeke and Maulvi F. R. Hakeem.

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