Wasiyyat is a total scam by the Mirza family. It seems that the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad gave a friday sermon in Karachi on Sep-8-1950 (published in the Al-Fazl of Sep-22-1950, pages 6-7, via the Muslim Herald), and told Ahmadi’s that there would be a 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th manifestation. This totally contradicts the writings of MGA, MGA had written that the second manifestation would last until the end of time (See, “The Will”, online english edition, page 7). Interestingly, just a month earlier, he had told Ahmadi’s to stop lying about their membership numbers. In 1952, the same Khalifa claimed that the Ahmadiyya Khilafat would persist for an unlimited period (see ref in the below).

In 1967, Mirza Nasir Ahmad was called the ‘3rd manifestation’, however, this practice seems to have been dropped by the 4th Khalifa and 5th.

Sep-8th-1950 in Karachi
Al-Fazal, Sep-22-1950, pages 6-7

“””””According to the will of God, I shall die on the day when I shall have accomplished my mission successfully. Those who are scared of my death are showing great ignorance. The Promised Messiah had said that though he shall be leaving the community but God shall send the ‘Second Manifestation’. But our God has, in his store, not only the ‘Second Manifestation’, but has also the ‘Third Manifestation’ and the ‘Fourth Manifestation’. The ‘Second Manifestation’ appeared after the ‘First Manifestation’ and so long as God does not make this movement triumph over the whole world ‘Manifestations’ shall continue to appear one after the other. The ‘Second Manifestation’ shall be followed by the ‘Third Manifestation’ after which shall come the ‘Fourth Manifestation’ which in its turn shall be followed by the ‘Fifth Manifestation’ and the ‘Sixth Manifestation’ and the hand of God shall continue to show signs after signs”.
Muslim Herald
Al-Fazl, of April-3rd-1952, page 3

“””Caliphate after Moses was shortlived but the Caliphate after Jesus is some shape or form has persisted for two thousand years. Similarly the Caliphate after the Holy Prophet was not a permanent affair, though the Caliphate of the Promised Messiah, like the Caliphate of the Messiah of Moses, shall continue to persist for an unlimited period”.

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