Per Dr. Khan’s acacemic work on Ahmadiyya, Wasiyyat was the first ever fixed donation system in Ahmadiyya. This book was published in late 1905, and early 1906 (see ROR). It seems to have remained as unimportant, most Lahori-Ahmadi’s didn’t ascribe to it. In this book, MGA claims that he saw a vision which conveyed to him that the righteous people buried in this heavenly graveyard are destined to go to heaven (see page 22). In fact, MGA said that he saw this in a vision. He also writes, “every kind of blessing has been sent down upon this graveyard and there is no blessing which is not shared by those who are buried in this graveyard” (See page 25). However, MGA (and his team) specifically wrote that by paying 30% of assets after death still doesn’t guarantee paradise for any Ahmadi (see page 30, online english edition).
Paying 30% of wealth doesn’t guarantee heaven

In “The Will” (see page 30, online english edition), MGA specifically wrote that by paying at least 30% of assets after death still doesn’t guarantee paradise for any Ahmadi.

“””Let no ignorant person think that this graveyard and the arrangements for it fall into the category of Bid‘at [an unwarranted religious innovation]. For this arrangement is in accordance with Divine revelation and there is no element of human involvement in it. And let no one wonder how, by just being buried in this graveyard, one can enter Paradise. The idea behind it all is not that this piece of land will make anyone worthy of Heaven; rather the Word of God means that only those will be buried here who are worthy of Heaven. [Author]”””
Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 3, Page 1, online english edition

“””What a pity that our opponents, whose corrupt beliefs are demonstrably false, are busy in propagating their own religion day and night, so much so that in Europe and America even widows make contributions to the cause of Christianity. Further, many people at the time of
their death, bequeath a specific portion of their inheritance for the sole purpose of spreading the message of Christianity, whereas the condition of the Muslims is regrettable beyond words. Their negligence has reached such an extent that not only do they themselves have no….”
1909 edition of Al-Wasiyat

1909_Al Wasiyat

The ROR of June-1933 tells the world that Ahmadi’s pay 1/16th of their pay to the Ahmadiyya Movement. It also mentions how some Ahmadi’s pay 1/10 and even 1/3 of their income.
March edition of the Moslem Sunrise

There is an essay on Wasiyyat.

During WW-2, on December 28, 1942, during the 1942 Qadian Jalsa, the Khalifa gave a speech named “Nizam-e-Nau”, which translates into english as “The New System”. A verbatim Urdu report of the original was issued in December, 1943, and again in April, 1944, and in March, 1945. In 1944, the Khalifa claimed to be the Musleh Maud.

The speech answers the question, ‘How does Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam, propose to deal with the grave problem of socio-economic inequality in the world?’ The first English edition was published in 1946, it was translated by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, however, his translation of the title is obviously incorrect, he translated it as “The New World Order of Islam”, which is blatantly wrong. He goes on to leave out many of the embarrassing language that the Khalifa uttered, even Nicholas Evans, author of “Far from the Caliph’s Gaze: Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian”, says that it was purposely mis-translated. Its Turkish translation was first printed in 1959. It was revised and reprinted in 1968.


Jamaat used to publish the will deeds of innocent Ahmadis as a marketing technique to promote sale of grave. WE found old Number of Alfazl dated 4th November, 1927 containing such Will deeds. Few of such will deed published in urdu, has been translated in english.

I, Arifa Begum daughter of Molvi Muhammad Ismail Fazil, wife of Karamdad Khan Sahib Baluch resident of Qadian District Gurdaspur, do hereby declare this to be my will, made under my own free volition without any influence and coercion in a state of sound mind.
That after my death the ownership of ten percent of all of my assets will go to Anjuman Ahmadiya Qadian. That whatever I donate to Anjuman in my life time and obtain receipt, shall be deducted from this willed property. Current worth of my asset is Rs.1000/- which I have acquired by way of dower.
Humble self
Arifa Begum wife of Sardar Karamdad Khan Sahib Jamadar
Recently at Aden Transport Corp dated 24.07. 1927.
�WITNESSESED BY:�1. Jamadar Karamdad Khan�2. Ch Muhammad Saeed, MS clerk 4/11 Sikh Regiment Aden.

3.Iqbal Muhammad Dairy Farm. Aden.

I, Anwar Khan son of Chodhry Hakim Khan, resident of Chamyari Tehsil Ajnala District Amritsar do hereby declare this to be my will, on this day ie 2nd August, 1927 made under my own free volition without any influence and coercion in a state of sound mind.
That my total agricultural land is consisting of 250 Canals having irrigated by well and rain. Out of this, 12 canals of land is my own purchased land and rest has been inherited by me from my ancestors. That I share ownership of a pakka (made of kiln tiles) house with my nephew, Sardar Ahmad. That I also own 1/6 of a kacha and Pakka house. That in addition, my business income is about Rs 100/- per month. That I will pay 1/10 of my income to the Sadar Anjuman Qadian till my death and that I will give 1/10 of my property to Jamaat very soon. I also declare that 1/10 of any other of property, shall also be given to Jamaat, in case if it appears in my name after my death.

Signed by humble self MOASSI at Qadian. Anwar Khan Rajput, witnessed by (1) Noor Ahmad Khan Rajput, (2) Badruddin Rajput Mohtamim Mahman Khana.

I, Mir Muhammad Ahmadi son of Sarwar Khan Baluch Tangani, Resident of Makol Kalan Tehsil Sanghar District DG Khan make this will with sound mind without any coercion or compulsion, as under:
That at the time of my death, 1/10 from whole of my property
Shall be owned by Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiya Qadian.
That detail of my property is as under:-
Horse female 1. No.
House Haveli at Makul Kalan 1 No.
Agricultural property situated at Makul Kalan, Gadi Sandhila, Thal Pandi, Jhok Ranja, Jhok Maso Jhok Dehel, Approximate value of this property is Rs.1000/-
Will made at Qadian on 27.02. 1926.
Humble self Mir Muhammad Ahmadi

Witnessed by : 1.Zafar Muhmmad Baluch 2 Ali Muhmmad Khan Ahmadi. Basti Buzdar Dera Ghazi Khan.

I, Fatima Begum daughter of Khan Bahadur Muhammad Ali Khan resident of Ahmadnagar Distt Kohat, do hereby make this will without any coercion or compulsion, and with sound mind as under:
That after my death, 1/10 of the property that will be left by me,
Shall be owned by Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiya Qadian.
That detail of my property is as under:-
Jewellery made of Gold=124 Tola
Jewellery made of silver= 56 Tola
Wrist Watch made of Gold=1 no.
Fatimah Begum
Witnessed by:-
Khan Bahadur Muhammad Ali Khan
Ghayur Ahmad Khan.


Controversial comments by MGA in Wasiyyat

1. MGA wrote that his wife and children would be exempt from Wasiyyat and will still be buried in this graveyard (Bahishti Maqbara)(See page 40, online english edition). And anyone who questions this arrangment is a hypocrite (muafiq).

2. MGA said that any Ahmadi who doesn’t enter Wasiyyat is a hypocrite (munafiq)(See page 41, online english edition).

During WW-2, after  Despite claiming to be non-political, the Qadiani Mirza’s outlined a New World Order in his book “Nizam-e-Nau” during World War 2. In it the Mirza wanted to replace Capitalism and Communism with Wasiyyat. According to his plans, he wanted the whole world to be subscribed to Wasiyyat, and he be the benefeciarry.

  1. Mahmood Ahmad envisioned that if everybody were to give one-third of their assets in this way, in a few generations, most property would have accumulated in the hands of the Jama‘at for the benefit of all humanity.

  2. “Wasiyyat is going to replace capitalism.”

  3. In 1943 Zafrullah Khan, made a English translation of this Ahmadiyya “New World Order”—a mere year after the original Urdu lecture—and yet it contained substantial differences, the most obvious of which was its distinctive new subtitle, New World Order of Islam. It was translated by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, the highest-profile Ahmadi of his day, who after partition became the first foreign minister of Pakistan.

  4. This shows that Zafrullah Khan was never fit to be a high ranking politician in the first place and was working with his leader the Mirza to advance a Qadiani agenda. The appointment of Zafrulla as Pakistans foreign mister was done under English pressure.

  5. In Nizam-e- Nau the Ahmadiyya caliphate is not presented as a direct successor to worldly political systems: rather, the caliphate is seen to give rise to a private relationship of devotion that has the power to render secular politics defunct.

  6. In other Words, the Qadiani Leaders do not bother with the secular political system, because they want to control people the way they control their own followers through an unconditional oath in which their followers swear to be obedient until death and give property, offspring and life to the command of the Ahmadiyya Caliph.

  7. For many Ahmadis, the fact that the role of Caliph has remained within a single family is felt to be evidence of the efficacy and incorruptibility of their electoral process: it is evidence of the fact that God is indeed responsible for the election of the caliph.

  8. For Qadianis in Qadian, the political problems of the world were overwhelmingly understood to have arisen due to governments and people ignoring the message of the caliphate.

  9. In Qadian, the future of the world and the dawning of a new global order are said to rest on the willingness of individuals and nations to embrace the caliph as their one true global leader.

  10. Yet in spite of the extensive nature of the Jama‘at system in Qadian, the history of the town since 1947 has left it in a uniquely isolated position from the global caliphate. The Point: The Ahmadiyya sect envisions a New World Order for the whole world, but their Main centers Qadian and Rabwah, where they have established their rules are cesspools of rape and sodomy.

The scan work from Nicholas Evans


The ROR of Nov-1945 talks about the Wasiyyat scam. 

In 1950, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad told #Ahmadis about a 3rd manifestation, 4th, 5th and 6th manifestation

Sep-8th-1950 in Karachi
Al-Fazal, Sep-22-1950, pages 6-7

“””””According to the will of God, I shall die on the day when I shall have accomplished my mission successfully. Those who are scared of my death are showing great ignorance. The Promised Messiah had said that though he shall be leaving the community but God shall send the ‘Second Manifestation’. But our God has, in his store, not only the ‘Second Manifestation’, but has also the ‘Third Manifestation’ and the ‘Fourth Manifestation’. The ‘Second Manifestation’ appeared after the ‘First Manifestation’ and so long as God does not make this movement triumph over the whole world ‘Manifestations’ shall continue to appear one after the other. The ‘Second Manifestation’ shall be followed by the ‘Third Manifestation’ after which shall come the ‘Fourth Manifestation’ which in its turn shall be followed by the ‘Fifth Manifestation’ and the ‘Sixth Manifestation’ and the hand of God shall continue to show signs after signs”.
Muslim Herald
Al-Fazl, of April-3rd-1952, page 3

“””Caliphate after Moses was shortlived but the Caliphate after Jesus is some shape or form has persisted for two thousand years. Similarly the Caliphate after the Holy Prophet was not a permanent affair, though the Caliphate of the Promised Messiah, like the Caliphate of the Messiah of Moses, shall continue to persist for an unlimited period”.

July 23rd

Mirza Tahir Ahmad discusses Wasiyyat soon after becoming Khalifa.
Khuddam Chanda_Understanding the purpose and our obligation

This ones a great reminder how Raf Hayat & Jamaat was at one point working hard to make a Moosi out of everyone, not a Moosi then no Jamaat position for you #Ahmadiyya they had to back off as realised they would be short of man power then. Wasiyya for them is ur property only.


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