Mirza Tahir Ahmad claimed tha the sex of a baby can be changed *after* conception. Surprise surprise, this medical hack for birth with an alleged 80%+ effectiveness…is for…you guessed it…having a boy! This was also posted in the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. Checkout the famous Ahmadiyya homeopathy fallout herein.

My question for believing Ahmadi doctors:

  • Do you believe in this claim by what you have been taught is a divinely guided leader?

See page 106 of the book, ‘Homeopathy’ by the late Mirza Tahir Ahmed, 4th Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. This is the English rendering of his lectures delivered on MTA International, the community’s satellite broadcast network
KMIV, Mirza Tahir Ahmad:

“During early pregnancy, especially if detected on the first day, a single dose of Aurum Mur CM, by Allah’s grace, usually brings about the birth of a son. Delayed use of Aurum Mur is much less predictable. Nevertheless, this is not a sure formula. I have noticed some women have delivered baby girls even after taking Aurum Muriaticum the next morning of the pregnancy, but whose next children were male- born. In my experience, some women who take Aurum Muriaticum CM may not even conceive sometimes. When they do, their chances of having a baby boy born to them are 80% or even more. Aurum Muriaticum is well-known in this aspect.”

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KMIV, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claimed the sex of a fetus can be changed (girl –> boy) shortly after conception with 80%+ effectiveness, through homeopathy from islam_ahmadiyya


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