Recently, a prominent Ahmadi doctor (@KashifMD) (a proper, medical doctor, not homeopathy quack), sparked off a twitter war with his tweet about homeopathy not having any evidence to suggest its more than a placebo. Click here for a gallery of screenshots to see just how crazy it got.

Whenever ex Ahmadis bring up the absurdity of homeopathy, we are labelled as “obsessed” with homeopathy and that its okay to not believe in it as an Ahmadi – “it has nothing to do with Jamaat”. Well this was very quickly proved wrong, as you can see in this collection of screenshots from the recent Twitter war. According to some Ahmadis on the side of homeopathy, disbelief in homeopathy is “quasi-kufr” or questioning of Khalifa himself. This isn’t just kneejerk twitter trolling: its a clear position within Ahmadi theology. The rest of this post is a comment I made a few months back.

I absolutely appreciate individual Ahmadis who have a liberal (read: scientific) approach to homoeopathy. This is a sane and reasoned approach to negotiating the issue of homeopathy, as an Ahmadi, in light of decades of research showing it to be nothing more than sugar pills (aka placebo).

But, if we look at what actual, official Jamaat source AskAMurabbi says, you must believe in homoeopathy fully. Some points:

  1. You cannot simply believe that it is a placebo, as that would deny the medicinal value of it, as preached by KMIV and KMV.

  2. God would not let his Khulafa institute homoeopathy as a Jamaat institution and allow them to continue in error and cost Jamaat money.

  3. Rejection of homeopathy is a rejection of a Jamaat institution and so it affects your belief in Jamaat and Khilafat.

“For an Ahmadi, the outright denial of homeopathy invariably affects aspects of our belief in Khilafat, because the Khalifah made homeopathy a part of the organization of the Jama‘at of Allah.”

I feel sorry for all Ahmadis who try to reason through this problem, but sadly you can’t. If you are an Ahmadi, you HAVE to believe in homeopathy. Not just that it works through placebo, or because of the blessings of Khilafat: you have to believe that it has the full medicinal benefits touted by the Khalifa.
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