#Ahmadis are trained to blame Muhammad (saw) every time MGA does something against Islam. Zaryab Farooq, the local Qaid at Baypoint, Ca has been spewing his hatred for Muslims all over twitter, and with secret off the record jamaat approval. He recently accused Muhammad (saw) of shirk (swearing an oath on anything other than Allah). He did this as he was trying to defend MGA’s comments on Muslims who believe that Eisa (As) is alive in the Samaa Wattay (the 7 filaments). To be clear, in 1907, via Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA said that Muslims who believe that Eisa (as) is still alive are committing shirk. However, MGA believed that Eisa (As) was alive from 1840 to 1891 (to age 51), and thus MGA was accusing himself of committing shirk. With this in mind, Zaryab countered and claimed that even Muhammad (saw) had committed shirk (astagfarullah). For the record, there are countless hadith on Muhammad (saw) telling Muslims to not swear on anyone’s name except Allah.


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