Mirza Naseer Ahmad was the 3rd eldest grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and a failed prophecy of MGA. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad mentioned him in Haqiqatul Wahy (see page 278) as a promised grandson, however, he died soon thereafter and was buried in Lahore, not at Qadian (maybe he died of plague). In Haqiqatul Wahy his name is spelled as Nasir, we don’t know if this is an error, nevertheless, the book Fazl-e-Omar (2012)(see page 78) clarifies that his name was Mirza Naseer Ahmad and he was born in 1906 (most likely in the summer)(see also Tehrike Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 3 pg. 479, Vol. 5 pg. 74). In 2022, Tahir Nassar an ahmadiyya apologist confused Mirza Naseer Ahmad with Mirza Nasir Ahmad, he didn’t see the contradiction, nor did he remember that Mirza Nasir Ahmad was born in Nov. of 1909.
Haqiqatul Wahy (see page 278)

“””42. Forty-Second Sign—Is that God had promised a fifth ‘son’ in the form of a grandson; this prophecy is recorded, in the same book, Mawahibur-Rahman, on page 139,1 in the following manner:
و بشّرنی بخامسٍ فی حین من الاحیان

Meaning that, God gave me the good news of a fifth son—who was destined to be born as a grandson in addition to the four—that he would certainly be born at some time. I received another revelation about him which was published long ago in the newspapers Al-Badr and Al-Hakam. It runs thus:

اّنا نبشّرك بغلامٍ نافلۃً لك ١ؕ نافلۃً من عندی۔

Meaning that: We give you the glad tidings of yet another ‘son’ who will be a nafilah [grandson]; that is, the son of a son. This nafilah is from Us. Thus, some three months ago, a son was born to my son Mahmud Ahmad who was named Nasir Ahmad. So this prophecy was fulfilled after four and a half years.”””



“””In 1906, Allah Almighty blessed Hadhrat Sahibzada Sahib with his first child who was named Naseer Ahmad. Sahibzada Mirza Naseer Ahmad died in childhood and was buried in Lahore.”””

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