MGA’s special son (the Musleh Maud), Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, eventually had 7 wives and 20+ children. However, his 2 brothers didn’t, it was only the Khalifa who was allowed to indulge in multiple wives and etc. (in fact, he discouraged Ahmadi’s from having 2 wives). Nowadays, you will see Ahmadi’s on social media claiming that taking more then one wife is only in cases of war or extreme necessity, but how do they explain their Khalifa taking so many? Furthermore, its important to note that he had 9 children with his first wife, which is more than enough, and, he was never involved in any war, nor were any Ahmadi’s in this era. Remember, in the past, Ahmadiyya Khalifa’s supported polygamy. The Mirza family is strict on women, in fact, MGA said that a man should divorce his wife if she even talks to man whilst alone. One more thing, as we all know, MGA divorced his first wife in-spite in the 1891-1893 era, since she was against MGA and his proposal for his 3rd marriage with Muhammadi Begum. What’s really important to note here is that MGA’s first wife (his first cousin) had already lived separate of MGA for 30+ years (her housing arrangements are uknown), MGA used her for children only, which resulted in 2 sons, both rejected MGA and his behaviors. When he died in 1965, he owned roughly 500 acres of land in Pakistan and lots of cash.

____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #1, they were married in 1902, she was only 10, she’s the daughter of Khalifa Rashid ud Din, she had only one sister, she was married into a Sunni-Muslim family, relatives, Khalifa Rashid ud Din only had 2 kids, both girls. He seems to have had 2 wives and might have became a Lahori-Ahmadi. It is unknown where he is buried at. 

Rashida Begum, also called Mehmooda Begum and Umme Nasir (mother of nasir), she died in 1958, in Murree, Pakistan. Age at marriage 11 years, DoB: 1891 Reference (Hazrat Sayeda Mahmooda Begum Sahiba, pg 1- Urdu) Marriage: 2 Oct 1902 – Rukhstana 8-4 October 1903 Reference (Fazl-e-Umar, pg 77- Eng).

Three children died in infancy, among them was Mirza Naseer Ahmad, a son born in 1906.

1. Mirza Nasir Ahmad, son (born in 1909 died in 1982)
2. Nasira Begum, daughter (She married her first cousin, Mirza Mansoor Ahmad, their son is Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the current Ahmadi Khalifa). Mirza Masroor Ahmad has 2 children, Mirza Waqas Ahmad and Amtul Waris Farah.

3. Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, son–born-May 1914
4. Mirza (Dr.) Munawwar Ahmad, son, 1918–1990. He had 5 children, 4 girls, 1 boy and by 1990, 14 grandchildren. In 2021, his son, his son, Dr. Mubashir was named as a rapist by Nida Al-Nasser.

5. Mirza Hafeez Ahmad, son, married Amatul Shakoor Sahiba (daughter of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, it was her second marriage).
6. Mirza Azhar Ahmad, son
7. Mirza Anwar Ahmad, son
8. Mirza Rafiq Ahmad, son
9. Naseera Begum, daughter
10. Mirza Rasheed Ahmad, he married Sabeeha Sahiba.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #2
Amatul Hayye—married on May 31st 1914, died in 1924, See here

Age at marriage 12 years.

DoB: 1 Aug 1901 Reference (Hazrat Sayeda Amtul Hai Sahiba, pg 2- Urdu) Marriage: 31 May 1914 Reference (Hazrat Sayeda Amtul Hai Sahiba, pg 7- Urdu/Alfazal 1 June 1914/Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat V4, 155-156)

1. Sahibzadi Amatul Qayyum, daughter, she was married off to the famous MM Ahmad, they had no children, it was a cousin marriage.

2. Amatul Rasheed, daughter, she was married off to Mian Abdur Rahim Ahmad Sahib.
She seems to have confided to some Ex-Ahmadi’s about the sexual behavior of her father. See here: See testimonial #23. She died in 2013, she left 1 son (Dr Zaheerud Din Mansoor) and 3 daughters, one daughter is named Amatul Baseer her marriage was mentioned in the USA Ahmadiyya gazette of July 1968. They are all in America these days. Dr. Zaheeruddin Mansoor Ahmad is currently the National Secretary Taleem-ul-Quran and Waqf-e-Ardhi. She died in Maryland. Her husband, Mian Abdur Rahim Ahmad translated many speeches of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 1984 and 1985. Other then that, we don’t have detailed information on him. Here is a video by Dr. Zaheeruddin Mansoor Ahmad.

3. Mirza Khalil Ahmad, son– is not mentioned at all in any english books of the Ahmadiyya jamaat, not even Fazl-e-Omar. He had to have been born from 1916–1924 era, its unknown. His mom was dead by 1924. He was married to Asma Tahira (born in 1935 and died in 2016). She passed away in Canada on 23 December 2016 at the age of 81 (see the Khutbah of Mirza Masroor Ahmad of 1-6-2017). They seem to have been married 62 years earlier in 1954. That’s based on my personal assumption that she married at the age of 19. The Khalifa says that she was born in 1935. Mirza Khalil Ahmad must have been 40+ years old at the time of marriage.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #3
Syedah Maryam (died in 1944) called Umme Tahir (mother of tahir), the daughter of Dr Syed Abdul Sattar Shah, They were married on 7 February 1921 in the Mubarak Mosque. She was barely 15-16 years old, whereas the Khalifa was 35.
DoB: 1905. Age of Syeda Maryam at the time of first marriage: 2/2.5 years, Reference: Meri Maryam, Anwar ul Uloom, V17, pg 348.

First Marriage was with Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad: Date of marriage 30 Aug 1907.

Note: Date of Birth of Mirza Mubarak Ahmad: 14 June 1899 – Reference: Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat V2, pg. 55. Date of Death of Mirza Mubarak Ahmad: 12 Sep 1907 – Reference: Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat V2, pg. 495

Age of Syeda Maryam at the time of second marriage with Mirza Bashirudin Manhood: 15 years. Second Marriage: 7 Feb 1921: Rukhsati: 21 Feb 1921 Reference: Alfazal 10 Feb 1921 Reference: Meri Maryam, Anwar ul Uloom, V17, pg 350. She died in 1944.

One son named Mirza Azhar Ahmad died in infancy the others are.

1. Mirza Tahir Ahmad, son, born in December of 1928 (married Asifa in 1957)
————————–Granddaughter 1—Shaukat Jehan, married to Mirza  Ahmad, her first cousin
————————–Granddaughter 2—Faiza, married to Mirza Luqman Ahmad Sahib, who was the son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, her first cousin
————————–Granddaughter 3—Yasmin Rehman Mona, married to Karim Khan
————————–Granddaughter 4—Atiatul Mujib Tooba, (was married to Sultan Malik Sahib) (DIVORCED) (
2. Amatul Hakeem, daughter (she married Syed Daud Muzaffar Shah, he died in 2011) (They married their daughter to Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the current Ahmadiyya Khalifa in 1977).
3. Amatul Basit, daughter (she married Mir Daud Ahmad in 1945).
4. Amatul Jameel, daughter, also called Bibi Jameel, married off to Chaudhri Nasir Ahmad Sial (son of the famous Ahmadi mullah, Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sial (1887–1960) in the 1950’s or 60’s.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #4
Sarah Begum—married to her in 1925, she was dead by 1933, she seems to have died while giving birth, both the child and the mother died tragically. The Al-Hakam on twitter claims that in 1928, she passed an urdu literature exam. However, this is dubious and has no proof. 

1. Mirza Rafi Ahmad, son–Born on March 27, 1927
2. Amatul Naseer Begum, daughter, born in roughly late 1930, was 3 1/2 years old when her mother died.
3. Mirza Hanif Ahmad, son, born in 1932, died in 2014.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #5

Azizah Begum called Umm Wassim (mother of wassim)–Married her in 1926
the daughter of Seth Abu Bakr Yousaf of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. According to tareekh ahmadiyyat, vol 4 page 554, it goes “Hazrat Khalifa tul Masih 5th Nikah was 1st Feb 1926, also published in the Alfazal of 5th Feb 1926. The Khalifa claims that Seth Abu Bakr of Jeddah was a business man who had written to the Khalifa in 1914 in terms of marriage for his daughter, the Khalifa agreed 10 years later, and was finally married in 1926, the details and logistics are unknown (See Fazl e Omar, online english edition). Seth Abu Bakr Yousaf was mentioned in the ROR of 1917.

1. Mirza Wasim Ahmad, son, he married his maternal aunt, Amtul Qudoos, she was the daughter of Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail.

2. Mirza Naeem Ahmad, son. He married Amatul Momin sahiba, she passed away at the age of 68 in 2009). She was the paternal granddaughter of Mirza Sharif Ahmad and maternal granddaughter of Mirza Aziz`Ahmad sahib. Her father was Sahibzada Mirza Zafar Ahmad sahib and her mother was Amatul Naseer sahiba.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #6

Who is Maryam Siddiqa? The 6th wife of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad

Maryam Siddiqa called Choti Aapa (Younger Sister) and Umm Matin (mother of Matin)
Married on 30 September 1935 the daughter of Mir Mohammad Ismail sahib (the Khalifa’s uncle), this was the Khalifa’s first cousin. She was 16, since she hadn’t attended college at the time of marriage. She was the first cousin of the Khalifa. She breathed her last on November 3rd, 1999 in Rabwah and was buried in Bahishti Maqbara.

1. Amatul Matin, or spelled as Amatul Mateen, daughter, she was born on 21 December 1936 in Qadian at Darul Masih. She was the wife of Mir Mahmood Ahmad Nasir Sahib, who was her first cousin. She passed away around midnight on 14 October 2013 at the age of 76. Mir Mahmood Ahmad Nasir Sahib is a Waqfe Zindagi and has served as missionary in Spain and USA. She also had the opportunity to stay there (spain) and fulfil her obligations as wife of a missionary. When Masjid Basharat was constructed in Spain the family was there and worked extremely hard for the inauguration ceremony. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) related that during those days if the family had the chance to retire at 3 am they would be happy to get some sleep. She leaves behind four sons and a daughter. Her two sons are Waqfe Zindagi. Dr Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh Sahib who did PhD in Computer Science from USA but is now working in the offices of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Rabwah and the other Waqfe Zindagi left his employment in USA and came to London and works with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, Muhammad Ahmad Sahib. She has one daughter who lives in Holland. One son is a doctor in Dubai and another is in USA.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________WIFE #7

Bushra Begum aka Mehar Appa, married on 24 July 1944, daughter of Syed Aziz Ahmad Shah, she was Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s maternal cousin. They had NO children, she was also a cousin of Fauzia Faizi’s mother. She died on 22 May 1997. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also admitted that she was unable to give children. Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells us that she suffered heavily in her later years, and he was happy that she died. Mirza Tahir Ahmad was 17 years old when she became her step mother (and first cousin). Mirza Tahir Ahmad seems to have managed her finances. When the 2nd Khalifa (her husband) died in 1965, she was given land and money as her share. She then wrote to Mirza Tahir Ahmad and gave all of her land and money to the Jamaat.

Per the Khutbah Juma of Mirza Tahir Ahmad (See at the 58:00 mark), she was born in 1919, however, this seems to be a lie. Since this would make her 25 at the age of marriage to the Khalifa and thus, the oldest bride of the Khalifa by 7-8 years.

Anwar-ul-Uloom Volume 11, “Chund Ahem aur Zaroori Umoor

Posting the translation of pages 79-81 here:

“””After this Huzoor said about the Sarda act some friends think of this as an attack on Shariah and some say that there is nothing dangerous in it. But I say that both are exaggerating or playing down. Whether they be the ones that say it is an attack on Islam and also those that say there is no problem. This is definitely not an attack on Islam, but it is also not correct that Islam is not endangered by it. Certainly it did not attack Islam but it did attack Muslims and it endangers several other aspects. Nobody can deny that marrying a weak and helpless prepubescent girl is very cruel and it makes her useless for the nation and Jamaat. No wise man would and can support it but there is a difference between Nikkah and consummation of the husband and wife. Consummation is not allowed in any case in prepubescence but we have to see if Nikkah is also not allowed or is it. It can be clearly gleaned from Islam that a woman does Nikkah after pubescence because Nikkah is connected to the consent of woman and man and if there is no pubescence then how can there be consent. Hence if it is said that prepubescent Nikkah is allowed even without any need then we would say that it falsifies the reason for Nikkah that Shariah established. The purpose of Nikkah is that man and woman promise to merge with each other and this promise cannot be made in prepubescence. But there is no doubt that in some conditions prepubescent Nikkah becomes a need. For example there is a man whose wife dies and the second wife has young adult sons and he does not like to transfer custodianship [Wali who gives off the girl for marriage] of step sisters to their step brothers and he also doesn’t want to show as if there are schisms in his home. He can do nikkah of a prepubescent girl. But Shariah has allowed that girl that if she doesn’t like the suitor then she can deny him after achieving puberty in this way it’ll only be a so-called Nikkah of a prepubescent. In several conditions this very prepubescent Nikkah is preferred. I also get several such letters that my mother and father did my Nikkah with a certain person and I like him but other relatives want to end that relation. Similarly several other such scenarios are possible where marriage at a small age might be beneficial but these are rare. However, it is necessary that prepubescent marriage is allowed. But these necessities can also be sacrificed and Sharia has allowed that if a good thing is abused then it can be restricted. It is mentioned in Hadeeth that during the time of Hazrat Umar RA people used to give three Talaq together and then got back together. Hazrat Umar RA said that this is jest with Shariat. Now if somebody gives three Talaq together then he can’t get back together. So it is allowed that if a good thing is being abused it can be stopped, but Muslims take this decision themselves. Others don’t have the right to restrict because if they intrude here then it will impact other issues as well. For example Muslims are allowed to slaughter cows. It is possible that Hindus pass a law against that. Similarly divorce is allowed, polygamy is allowed, people of other religion can pass laws against these too but no Muslim would tolerate intrusion in these matters. Due to these reasons intrusion [of law via the Sarda Act] on prepubescent marriage is dangerous. But the solution for that is not what some people have said to marry off 10 year old girls. This is damaging yourselves. After this Huzoor [KM2] proved that Muslims don’t need this law because child marriages are very rare in them and also decreasing day by day. Then Huzoor explained that there are some allowances in Sharia that are not corollary but a central part of Sharia and has said that if you do this then this is ordered while discussing things allowed in Islam Intrusion in these matters is very bad. Childhood marriage is also amongst these things. Shariat has allowed it and there are some orders about it that after becoming pubescent the girl can deny such a marriage if she wants. Then a type of such allowance is the one on which Rasool Kareem [Muhammad] SAW acted and childhood marriage is exactly such an allowance on which Rasool Kareem SAW acted. That is, he married Hazrat Ayesha RA in her childhood and in the age of 12 she was sent to his home. It is correct that Arab’s become pubescent early and it is also correct that Hazrat Ayesha RA had superior [physical?] powers but her age was just 12 when she came to Rasool Kareem SAW’s home. Now if because of her age marriage was stalled so that she can be 17, 18 then she would have enjoyed the company of Rasool Kareem SAW for only one year and a lot of discussions about religion would have remained incomplete. But the time she got she was able to serve religion a lot. This is why it was necessary that God got her in Rasool Kareem SAW’s company at such a time that she can be beneficial to the world. This is why [God] made her pubescent soon. So completely banning the thing that Rasool Kareem SAW practiced and declared correct is a huge occurence. I say on this issue that stop childhood marriage but temporarily, as long as Musilms are abusing this right, don’t forbid it indefinitely. For this the way to go about is to tell the government about the problems with this law and the dangers that Muslims face. If the government agrees that it won’t intrude in such matters in the future then we can be satisfied and we can tolerate this.”””
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